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Watching issues created after: 2013-05-21

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  • 6 Fairview Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Lowell
    We the people of Windermere are concerned with all the trailers and unregistered vehicles at this property. I thought you are only allowed one shed. This house has mutilple. Allso permits are vequired for these buildings. Is there anyone in this town that can look itnto this eyesore of a property
  • 15 Rockingham St Lowell, MA, 01852, USA - Lowell
    Driver of car is the only adult resident of 15 Rockingham 1st floor st Lowell ma as stated on the lease. Claims she doesn't own car.
  • 1194 Pawtucket Boulevard Lowell, MA, 01854, USA - Lowell
    There are no speed limit signs posted on the east bound side of Pawtucket Blvd starting at the Lowell Water Works building all the way to the Rourke Bridge. What is the speed limit along this stretch of the road.
    The west bound side has two speed limit signs showing limit of 45 mph. One located at the bowling alley and the other at 815 Pawtucket Blvd. There is also a trailer this week which shows your current speed and the limit at 45 mph located just before the right hand turn for Clyde St. There is a 40 mph speed limit sign posted just before the right hand turn into Wedgewood Circle (1001 Pawtucket Blvd)
    Why no posted speed limits signs of the east bound side and what is the speed limit on this stretch of road?
  • Pothole Open
    977 Westford St Lowell, MA, 01851, USA - Lowell
    Outside of 977 Westford Street there are two medium sized potholes at the entrance of Pratt Avenue.
  • 53 Rea St Lowell, MA, 01852, USA - Lowell
    Poor little guy. Looks like he was run over. Needs to be removed. Thanks.
  • 148 1st St Lowell, MA, 01850, USA - Lowell
    there is a white truck and white benz belonging to people that live at that address. It has been 6 months.
  • Pothole Open
    Us-3 S Lowell 01851, United States - Lowell
  • Wellington Sq Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    This is a tiny dead end and unpaved street with terrible bumps and deep potholes that collect large pools of water making it unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles to walk or drive down. Please fix
  • Arcand Drive And Father Morrisette Blvd. Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Button on the pedestrian crossing signal at Arcand Drive and Father Morrisette Boulevard is missing. (On the corner closest to the high school).
  • Pothole Open
    Liberty St & Warwick St Lowell, MA, 01851, USA - Lowell
    There are two portholes right from the beginning of Warwick St and Liberty ST. There are many more portholes a long the Liberty St.
  • 6 Fairveiw Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Lowell
    why does this resident have numerous sheds on his property, with no permits. this is an eyesore to the town and the neighbors who endure this.
  • 44 All Streets Malden, MA - Lowell
    Dear mr. Director there is snow in the forecast I hope you have the proper amount of plows this upcoming this storm the last couple of storms including today's you have not performed as well as neighboring cities I'm actually happy when I enter Medford because the roads are safe compared to Malden abysmal sanding and plowing.