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Watching issues created after: 2013-05-21

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  • 1-21 Kearney Square Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    Since the conversion to 2 way traffic, I have witnessed every day, cars turning LEFT off Eastbound Merrimack Street onto Northbound Bridge Street.

    The stop light has a "NO TURNS" sign, but I don't think that is sufficient. I think there also needs to be one of those No Left Turn signs.

    In addition, the green lights have arrows indicating that you can only drive straight ahead on eastbound Merrimack Street. Can I suggest that the red lights be changed to arrows as well? That might help remind people that that can only go straight.

  • 26-114 Market St Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Why isn't the city cracking down on the building on market street next to Persona? All it seems to be is a place for hoarding junk and it is an awful eye sore.
  • 30 Market St Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Gang graffiti has appeared on the side of 30 Market Street building along the LNHP canal walkway.
  • 276-290 Market Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    I've heard of and seen several people almost hit bit cars crossing Dutton St. to follow Market St. When pedestrians get a walk signal (only 11 seconds and no audio) cars coming from either side of Market can turn in to the crosswalk. The intersection is so dark that drivers don't see people. If it's only a 11 second walk signal, stopping the traffic going through the crosswalk seems safer. With new galleries, stores and studios going in to 307 Market there is more pedestrian traffic, but people don't feel safe crossing Dutton because of this intersection.
  • 45 Palmer St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The pedestrian crosswalk outside brewed awakening desperately need lights as you are unable to see pedestrians crossing at night
  • 110-294 Arcand Drive In Front Of The Masonic Temple and also in front of Lowell High, Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    I did not know what category to post this under.

    There are two American flags on light-posts, seemingingly hanging only from a piece of material, and each carrying the weight of a metal rod, which in the wind slams repeatedly and loudly against the light-posts. They have been loose like this for at least a few weeks, likely caused by the wind.

    If one came loose in high winds like we have today and fell, anybody they landed on would be seriously hurt.

    In the photo, the one on the left is in front of the Masonic Temple, and the one on the right is closer to Fr. Morrisette Ave in next to the Lowell High. For the one on the left, that is the wind that is carrying the weight of that heavy metal pole. Please someone fix these before they do damage.

    I'm really surprised, given their proximity to both the police station and City Hall, that nothing has been done to fix this.

  • 70 Methuen St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Cars routinely park on the sidewalk on Metheun St between 7th and Merrill. I cannot get by on the sidewalk with my stroller; sometimes I cannot even fit single file, with no stroller.
  • 679 Chelmsford St. Lowell, MA - Lowell
    The white house at 679 Chelmsford St often has a lot of trash and recycling stacked or scattered in their front yard. The front lawn is used as a driveway (see picture) and the sidewalk in front of the house is often blocked with at least 2 cars pulled up on it. One of them is often a white honda civic.
  • 103-399 Arcand Dr Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Lot of confusion over what lanes are for taking a left turn, just the left lane or both the left and center lanes. Need better signage and road markings. Accidents almost happen with each change of the light.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    143 East Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The contractor building on the corner of E Merrimack & Fayette St. has blocked 6 to 12" of the sidewalk with the fencing.
    The fence is affixed to the sidewalk not inside the plot where the construction is in progress. There's sufficient room to secure the fence off the sidewalk.
  • 1-19 Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The slush has been melting and re-freezing for over a week. It's blocking the way to the crosswalk near the scaffolding. The crosswalk is nearby 2 Merrimack Street, the last building on the block.
  • 316-398 Arcand Drive Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Center lane should be marked as a straight lane only toward the Tsongas arena since Father Morrisette Blvd. has been made one lane. Vehicles turning left have try try and merge too quickly. A sign should be put up showing the arrows for all three lanes, right hand only arrow, straight only arrow, and left hand only arrow.