Pat Lane

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  • North Capitol St & Rhode Island Ave Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    The main traffic light at this intersection is completely broken and ineffective. There is virtually no light emitted from either the STOP, YIELD, or GO light that is visible while heading East towards Lincoln. It creates confusion and is a severe traffic hazard that needs to be investigated and repaired AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • 129 Rhode Island Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    A heavy volume of large trucks traveling at high speeds and engine breaking through our residential area up and down rhode island greatly effects our safety and quality of life.
  • 158 Uhland Terrace Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
  • 1913 2nd St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington

    Tree limbs from June 23rd storm

    4TH REQUEST!!!!!
    Limbs from tree in front of 1913 2nd St Ne have been in tree box since June 25 - STILL are not picked up! They are literally rotting in place. 4 requests for pick up have gone ignored. No one is going to pick these up.

    THE CITY NEEDS TO CLEAR THIS AREA!!!! Why is this being ignored ????????????

  • 1500 Eckington Place Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    Drivers use the wrong lanes approaching Florida Ave from Eckington and then turn from the wrong lanes and block traffic. Drivers block the box from both Eckington and Florida. It creates a very aggressive environment which is dangerous for both drivers and the pedestrians who are trying to weave in between cars to cross.
  • Vacant Lot Archived
    1913 2nd Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    1910 2nd St NE is a vacant property with extensive fire damage and hazardous materials. The city needs to board up the windows to prevent vagrants and criminals from occupying the home for illegal activities.
  • 2200-2206 4th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
  • 2000 5th St Ne Washington, DC - Eckington

    The sidewalks on the W side of the street are poorly delinated (meaning they look like parking lots) and are blocked by cars, and there are no sidewalks on the E side, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street. It's very dangerous, especially since the road is used by heavy trucks.

    I requested info from DDOT on the MBT listserv (the bottom of this road, at R, is an MBT access point) and no one responded.

  • 1835 3rd St Ne Washington D.C., DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    Extreme soil erosion from uphill accumulates in the NW corner of 3rd & T NE every time it rains.
  • Bicycles Archived
    170 Uhland Terrace Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    I have reported this issue once before and will continue to report it until proper actions are taken!!! I don't understand why it is okay for people to park MOPEDS on the SIDEWALK (169 Uhland Terr NE). To my understanding it's not legal to park vehicles operated by gas on the public sidewalk nor is it okay for anyone to cut into public sidewalk without a permit. This issue was reported more than a month ago and NOTHING has been done! There was a worker who put out an orange tag and no one has ever followed up. Something needs to be done about this!
  • 144 Uhland Terrace Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    The owner of this house gutted it and has ceased the construction, leaving all of the massive amounts of waste materials behind the house. It is now smelling and attracting rats and is a huge eyesore to all of the neighbors.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    43 Q St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    Giant asphalt filled pot holes and TONS of spray paint litter our sidewalk. Please replace with brick! We will raise money if need be.