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Urban sidewalk beat for City of Houston

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  • 301-305 Willard Street Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
  • 1600 W. Webster Houston, TX - Montrose
    A telephone pole with wire extension, several poles, and gas meters are blocking the sidewalk.
  • 1805 Missouri Street Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
  • 3717 Stanford Street Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    vegetation makes sidewalk impassable.
  • 400-498 Elgin St Houston, TX 77006, USA - US Congressional District TX7
    I posted this problem over a month ago. A city employee said they converted it to a 311 request but nothing has happened. The sidewalk of Westheimer Colony plaza is still covered in gravel preventing people from properly using the sidewalk. Gravel is going into Westheimer/Elgin which is a hazard to cars. And if we get rain, it holds water- mosquitos! Please fill in with something more permanent (like the rest of elgin in midtown) or landscape it with plants.
  • 601 Willard Street Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    New construction took old existing sidewalk and city right of way and converted it to private use. There should be a law against this. Must walk in street. On Hopkins at Willard.
  • 3229 D'Amico Houston, TX - River Oaks
    A large, untrimmed palm tree is blocking the intersection view at Rochow St. and D'Amico Street and blocking sidewalk access. A pedestrian was killed at this intersection on Friday, 3/1/13. Please remove the palm as it is inappropriate to be on the right of way as it will continue to block the view. D'Amico is also bus route street and one block off Buffalo Bayou park.
  • 3910 Driscoll Street Houston, TX 77098, USA - Montrose
    Ramp for access not installed. New townhouse across street has a beautiful one.
  • 503 Avondale Street Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Car routinely parked blocking public sidewalk @ 515 Avondale
  • 401-449 Pacific Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Pacific near Taft. Sidewalk obstructed by over growth and some bougainvillea thorny growth.
  • 2218 Converse Street Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Bush blocks sidewalk.
  • 411 Lovett Boulevard Houston, TX 77006, USA - Montrose
    Transformer in middle of public sidewalk. This is a nuisance and requires people to walk in street instead of on the sidewalk. Surely this is against city code.