Fairmount-Spring Garden

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  • 2211 Ogden Street Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Ogden street between 22nd and 23rd streets should be plowed and salted.
  • 2708 Brown St Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    This entire block is a mess. There are temp. patches over holes that return within a month of the repair. The problem lies under the cement that is under the tar. Last year the city wasted money digging only the tar and repaved. They need to dig underneth and get to root of problem before the buses shake our houses down.
  • Pothole Archived
    22nd St And Hamilton St - Logan Square
    giant pothole or manhole cover missing. There is a traffic cone in the hole.
  • 651 North 22nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Someone repurposed old no parking signs as they did not want to have to find parking in the snow. I parked there and an old woman yelled at me "don't I see the sign" they have a computer printed date tape over a pervious date. Which is in turn taped over the sign. I moved on now wanting to have my car Keyed but grabs some photos first
  • traffic disaster Acknowledged
    Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square
    The bicycle lane ends in the middle of two merging roads of traffic, with no warning. There should be clear markings that the bike lane is ending, and there should be a THREE light cycle instead of two. A mess to bicycle or drive though.
  • 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    The 1500 Spring Garden building has charter busses that take people to and from the train station, they are operated by a company called DLC. While the DLC buses are loading and unloading at 1500 Spring Garden they stop in the bicycle lane and right hand traffic lane. This causes major traffic problems in the area and is unsafe. I saw a guy on a bike today almost get hit by one of the DLC buses.

    Maybe if buses did this around the corner on the less busy 15th street side of the building it would be better.

    Last year I spoke to someone at the police department and they said whenever I see it to call 911.

  • 1920 North St. Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    The weeds in this lot are 15+ feet tall. It is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rats. The weeds are now extending from the fenced portion of the lot and growing up through the sidewalk.
  • 1561 Green St Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Large pothole that looks like it started to be repaired but was never finished. Between 15th-16th and green Streets
  • 1920 North Street Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Abandoned lot is overgrown with weeds. Weeds are almost as tall as the neighboring buildings. The lot is now home to many rodents and pests, such as mice, rats, mosquitoes. I believe the lot is actually part of a property on 19th and Wallace, however, the lot is located on North St. between 1918 and 1922.
  • 2000 Parrish Street Philadelphia, PA - Francisville
    The people who live in 2002 Parrish Street keep dumping their trash in the 2000 Parrish lot and not taking it to the curb. This has been going on for months now and it is absolutely filthy now. A total biohazard at this point.
  • Uneven Road Archived
    738 N 19th St Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Francisville
    The road at 19th and Fairmount is completely uneven (it almost looks like small waves). This makes it dangerous to park, walk, bike or drive along the road.
  • N 22nd Street And Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Logan Square
    At every green light, drivers ignore the "right lane must turn" regulation and speed straight through the intersection, endangering cyclists and other drivers.