Fairmount-Spring Garden

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  • 1628 Wallace Street Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    I have witnessed several drug deals from individual who appear not to live in the building but do business in front of the apartment building on a regular basis. A Hispanic Male (looks early 20's) and three Black males (between 20 and 35) are regulars at this location starting at 8:00 AM. The residents on the first floor are afraid to tell them to move away from the steps and the dealers are becoming increasingly bolder and intimidating. Police have been called several times to report the drug dealing but they keep returning to the steps of this building.
  • 552 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    The lot is a mess and we think possum are living there
  • 26 & Brown Sts Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
  • 2202 Mt Vernon St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
  • 2154 Hamilton St Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Logan Square
    Heading away from Wawa this hole has caused congestion and bent tires
  • 2300 Block Olive St Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    London Restaurant washes grease out onto street. Does not have lids on garbage containers.
  • 2209 Pennsylvania Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Logan Square
    Unpleasant area for pedestrians. Could the street geometry be changed to better accommodate disabled, children and elderly people who walk here?
  • 2614 Brown St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Brown Street between 28th and Corinthian is a sheet of ice.
  • 2717 Brown St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    A large pothole is forming on Brown Street between 2717 Brown St and 2716 Brown St (very close to the intersection of Brown and Pennock in Fairmount). This is on major SEPTA bus route, and every time a bus drives over it, the weight of the bus slamming on the pothole violently shakes the foundations and frames of the surrounding houses. Please fill this pothole ASAP or reroute the buses until it can be fixed.
  • 455 N 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Logan Square
    What was once a hole in the road is now just covered by a large metal plate several inches thick. To get around it you either need a clear space to the right, which is usually occupied by parked cars, or you need to enter the traffic. If you have ever biked through 5pm traffic near 22 and the Parkway you know this is a nightmare.
  • 17th And Wallace Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Large pile of garbage looks like left over from a party or move out spilling unto the sidewalk from vacant lot in the middle of the street.Please help!
  • 22nd And Parrish Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    New graffiti done sometime between 9pm 9/8 and 5am 9/9 . In white spray paint on the brick side of the corner house (22nd and Parrish)