Fairmount-Spring Garden

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  • Axel Breaker! Acknowledged
    722 N 26th St Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Big pot hole, needs to be fixed!
  • 559 N 20th St Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden

    There are two stop signs on either side of 20th Street at Brandywine Street. Both are obscured by trees, the one on the east side almost completely so. I walk through this intersection every day and almost daily see cars drive right through, at high speed, without stopping. This is particularly harmful when cars traveling north have just come through the traffic light at Spring Garden, and are picking up speed.

    There are two day cares at this corner and many homes with young children on the neighboring blocks. This intersection is unsafe for both cars traveling west on Brandywine and pedestrians. A simple regular tree-trimming would alleviate much of the issue.

  • 622 N 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    The front windows are boarded up - still not fixed
  • Schuylkill River Trail Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square

    I suspect the city of philadelphia has been using solid human waste (sludge) as a ground cover along the Schullykill River Trail. I would like the city to provide the Material Safety Data Sheet for this organic material. I would also like to know why sludge is being used in place of mulched leaves along this pathway.

    It's got a disgusting smell, children play in it and trail users breath it in. We've got enough risks breathing the sewage silt from the leaking Reading sewage plant which was deposited along the river banks during the last 2 storms.


  • 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square
    An ABUNDANCE of trash!
  • 756 N 26th St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    This street is on a hill and covered in ice and some compacted snow. It is very slippery and I have observed multiple people getting stuck at the intersection. Some people seem to be having trouble stopping here and where 26th street hits Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • 2948 Ogden Street Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    This residence has fallen into neglect from an absentee landlord. Water damage is noticeable on the first floor from the exterior. People have broken into the 2nd floor property leaving the interior and exterior of this once beautiful corner building not only an eyesore but a safety hazard.
  • 2067 2113 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Logan Square

    These crossing are dangerous at ANY time of day, cars running lights, cutting corners, and traveling at high rates of speed.

    While enforcement during the morning rush hour increased before the winter, this road is still commonly a speedway during evening hours.

    Further complicating the issue current lights do not allow effective protective time for pedestrians to cross safely.

    This was tragically and needlessly demonstrated on Saturday evening when a student was struck and horribly injured.


  • 17th And Wallace Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Large pile of garbage looks like left over from a party or move out spilling unto the sidewalk from vacant lot in the middle of the street.Please help!
  • 1628 Wallace Street Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    I have witnessed several drug deals from individual who appear not to live in the building but do business in front of the apartment building on a regular basis. A Hispanic Male (looks early 20's) and three Black males (between 20 and 35) are regulars at this location starting at 8:00 AM. The residents on the first floor are afraid to tell them to move away from the steps and the dealers are becoming increasingly bolder and intimidating. Police have been called several times to report the drug dealing but they keep returning to the steps of this building.
  • 2202 Mt Vernon St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
  • 2300 Block Olive St Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    London Restaurant washes grease out onto street. Does not have lids on garbage containers.