Fairmount-Spring Garden

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  • 440-470 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Callowhill
    Plate # TX 43928 @ 4:15AM, Tuesday January 1st, 2013. The driver had the green light but did not yield to the biker and skateboarder, instead he seemed to speed up to hit them. He hit them on with the right front end of his vehicle and did not pullover to see if they were ok. Tried to check if the two were oky and concerned that their bodies hadn't yet gone into shock, they "walked it off." Felt the need to report it anyway.
  • 2008 Parrish Street Philadelphia, PA - Francisville
    A white Dodge Caravan w/ expired plates and state inspection stickers has been parked on our bloock for well over 2 months. It has 2 flat tires and a cracked windshield. Would like it to be removed. License # HKN 7823
  • 554 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Sink hole
  • 22nd Street And Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    he Traffic lights @ 22nd and Fairmount are not timed correctly. It is only approximately 6 seconds for 22nd St going North, and about 23 seconds for Fairmount Ave east and west. It is causing constant backups on 22nd St at that light that has two bus routes and many tourist buses. This will get worse and worse as the Prison starts the Halloween shows.
  • Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Logan Square

    Please fix the crosswalk button at this location. It doesn't seem like the traffic light crossing MLK at this location ever goes green, button or not. People group in a herd, impatiently pushing the buttons and waiting to cross while traffic whizzes by unimpeded. This makes crossing more dangerous as one must navigate past the speeding traffic and the mass of people who cross at once when the coast is clear.

    I've brought this to the city's attention several times before but it seems the Streets Department does not monitor functionality of its devices.

  • Trash Open
    1510-1500 Green St Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Every week, without fail, these houses on the south side of the block put various items out on the curb outside of bags or within containers that inevitably spill out onto the street. I'm certain that today I'll walk home from the subway through various items that were not collected by the trashmen because they were not in bags or containers.
  • 1918 North St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    15 ft tall weeds growing unabated all summer
  • Graffiti Tags Acknowledged
    847 N 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    Graffiti tags found on house (cross & inverted cross), fence (Dan21GD)and parking posts (?) on corner of 22nd & Parrish. Please advise and remove. Gang related?
  • 1709 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    At 17th and Spring Garden, the signal for pedestrians crossing between the NE and NW corners displays "don't walk" for the first half of the period in which 17th Street traffic has a red light. This cuts in half the time available to cross.
  • 1916 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    While the reason for the traffic tie-ups are individually tragic, they are a collective nuisance, particularly during rush hour.
    Now, I notice these events are also wasting additional City assets - supposedly in short supply - because this morning a COP shielded the left lane for the cars of attendants for a service.
    This needs to stop. If the home can't manage their events to at least avoid peak traffic hours (weekends, too) they should not be allowed to operate there.
    The city needs to stop wasting police time with this.
  • 22nd And Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA - Logan Square
    traffic signal is obscured by a speed limit sign
  • 855 N 21st St Philadelphia, PA - Fairmount-Spring Garden
    abandoned silver VW jetta with expired inspection/registration that has been sitting. tires deflated.