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CVS store in south Charlotte Ballantyyne area

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  • 1800-2200 Charlotte Dr Charlotte, NC 28203, USA - Dilworth
    During the early fall Charlotte Drive was repaved, but it looks like they ran out of asphalt between the 1800 and 2200 blocks! There are dips in the road where new asphalt ends, manhole covers are still well above street level. When a manhole cover is hit you easily lose control of the steering wheel. Paving/surface areas at ajoining intersections are not at the same levels. Help! It's impossible to ride a bike on this street!
  • 1823-1899 Brunswick Ave Charlotte, NC 28207, USA - Myers Park
    This is a fork in the rd. Often, as recent as last week, cars miss the fork to the left or right, and crash, or lose control. A sign with a double arrow visible, would let drivers know they cannot proceed forward, but must turn left, or right
  • 938 S Kings Dr Charlotte, NC 28204, USA - Dilworth
    There is a sewage grate that is so deep that if you hit it the wrong way it really jolts your vehicle. Right side of Kings Dr. just after crossing over Morehead, near gas station, heading towards Charlottetowne. The road is a little tight there so if you are riding next to someone it is possible you slip over into the grate and then the jolt happens.
  • 1064-1098 South Kings Drive Charlotte, North Carolina - Myers Park
    Water in the street for 3 weeks
  • 1200 Ordermore Ave Charlotte, NC 28203 - Dilworth
    i wish the city would clean up along my street. someone's trash fell over and it's every where. it looks awful.
  • 1001-1025 S Kings Dr Charlotte, NC 28207, USA - Myers Park
    Pavement is warped and has pot holes for several hundred feet. This has been in BAD shape for many years
  • test Archived
    Blythe Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203, USA - Dilworth
    case test. do not modify.
  • 1058 Edgehill Road North Charlotte, NC 28207, United States of America - Myers Park
    Cover missing on a 6 - 8 inch pipe in a parking lot that is used every day by people with vision problems using canes for mobility. Medical office has reported repeatedly with no response from city.
  • 1624 Kenilworth Ave Charlotte, NC 28203, USA - Dilworth
  • East Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203, USA - Dilworth
    Traffic used to move smoothly here. This design is horrible. return it to 4 lanes. Make the 35 MPH signs bigger.
  • 1317 Harding Place Charlotte, North Carolina - Dilworth
    Harding Place is basically not a two lane street. People are constantly parking on the left and right hand side of the street. This makes a terrible condition when folks are trying to get in and out of our driveway (1317). We are a salon and have a large clientele. We have limited parking (6) behind our salon. Of course that's on a first come basis. There is a large lot across the street from our salon that's free but folks continue to park on the street. We are wondering if maybe signs could be put up telling folks not to park in certain areas? Thursdays are the best day to come and see the confusion.
  • 2602 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209, USA - Freedom Park
    Large jagged hole created by broken concrete cover.