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Jamaica Plain

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  • 241 Perkins St. B701 Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    There is absolutely no access to safe pedestrian crossing between our condominium at 241 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain (Cabot Estate) and Jamaica Pond, which is directly across the street. We are a community of 161 residences and more than 300 people living in a virtual pedestrian island. Yesterday one of our neighbors was hit a seriously injured while crossing the street. We have been trying for decades to hear "yes" from someone with the authority to give us a safe way to cross the street. We have heard lots of folks say "no, because....." but it seems illogical that there is no one who can figure out a way to permit folks in our community to safely cross the street.
  • 241 Perkins Street - Jamaica Plain
    Cabot Estate Condominiums are home to over 300 people
    who cross the 30 feet from the entrance of the complex across Perkins Street to Jamaica Pond. The crossing is hazardous because of the blind curve coming west, the recklessness of some drivers and the lack of a crosswalk and signage. On 9/10/2010 my S.O. was crossing with her dog, as she does 4 times each day, when she was struck by a distracted driver and sent to the ICU with 8 broken bones and a subdural hematoma. If she were not light and in excellent physical condition, she would have been the fatality which would get attention.
  • 14 Pond St Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Please shovel my Pale Blue Honda Fit, 2011, parked on Grovenor St., on the left in the Handicapped Parking spot just off Pond St.
  • Something is seriously wrong with the roadway and/or the expansion joints on this overpass and the city should make it a priority to fix it. It's like driving over 15 jolting drops no matter what side you're driving on and it's only gotten worse this winter, no doubt because the road needs to be plowed. If the traffic isn't bad, take the extra time to stay below and avoid this overpass. Your suspension will thank you.
  • 22 Iffley Road #2 Boston, MA - Roxbury
    I have a baby and am currently sick making it extra hard to figure out how to shovel out my car before I have to go to work monday... Any chance you can help? THANK YOU!!!
  • 7-11 Sheridan St Boston, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill
    Sheridan Street has been littered with graffiti tags that say "meow" and "cat-hill" up and down the street over the past few months. From mailboxes, to the retaining wall at 7 Sheridan to the side wall of "slice o Pie" pizza, stop signs and a for sale sign on the corner of Sheridan and Chestnut.
  • 44 Robinwood Ave Apt 2r Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain

    Car located at 44 Robinwood Ave JP. Parked in a small driveway to the left of the building. Please call 617 522-7307


  • 105 School Street Boston, Massachusetts - Roxbury
    Lack of police awareness on our part of the street. Consistent yelling during daytime and extremely music until 2-3AM at times. There can also be an excessive amount of trash, broken bottles, etc.
  • 58 Eldridge Road Jamaica Plain, MA - Roslindale
    Please shovel out my Beige, Toyota Corolla, MA license # 76LA08. Itin parked in front of 58 Eldridge Road. Thank you!
  • 260 Amory St Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roxbury
    Drivers speed up and down Amory St. and completely ignore crosswalk at Southwest Corridor near The Brewery.