Park Boulevard Corridor

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Lower Park Boulevard corridor and surrounding blocks. Dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents by combating blight through refuse disposal and graffiti removal, and enhancing well-being through encouragement of neighborhood watch programs and traffic safety enforcement. Also looking to promote general revitalization of the area with 'greening' projects, community discussions, small business growth, neighborhood 'night outs', and anything else to improve a neighborhood with much p

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  • 2215 Park Blvd Oakland, CA - Cleveland Heights
    Speed Limit Solar Sign ► Open
    2215 Park Blvd
    This 25 MPH solar Speed Limit Sign has not been working for at least over a year. Report has been made before but nothing has been done.
    This Speed Limit Sign is critical for the neighborhood because speeding vehicles are happening everyday.
    Elementary School crossing is a block and half away.
    Some go as fast ad 40-50 MPH.
  • 2201 Park Boulevard Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Cleveland Heights
    Solar speed limit sign has been broken for over a year. Corner of Haddon and Park Blvd
  • 2980 Park Blvd Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    This huge pothole is completely dark at night because of an overgrown oak covering the street light. It threw me over my handlebars last night and I was almost hit by the car behind me... the City is begging for a lawsuit with all of the huge potholes along Park. Better find a more permanent solution than the filler that just erodes out after a couple of days.
  • Potholes Archived
    3107 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park
    There are several very deep potholes on Park Blvd between 7th Ave and MacArthur Blvd. These potholes are huge and very difficult to avoid.
  • Park Blvd And E 28th Oakland, CA - Lynn-Highland Park
    Elderly pedestrian almost stuck by speeding truck in a crosswalk this AM. She had to run out of the way and the truck didn't even slow, only swerved around. This school and residential zone is hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists, and for drivers who live in the neighborhood. Please have crosswalks better marked and signaled. Install slowing measures and cite erratic drivers. We should not have to wait for a death for this to happen. City Hall, take care of your constituents!
  • 2701-2707 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights

    There is a pothole in the rightmost lane traveling downhill on Park Boulevard just before the light at Spruce.

    This pothole is a danger for bicycles. Bikes travel at higher speeds here, near the the 25mph speed limit, while cars frequently travel faster. A crashed cyclist could get run over by car or bus. Switching lanes at the last second could be a problem because of the high speed of traffic in the leftmost lane.

  • 2982 Park Boulevard Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Ivy Hill
    Pothole is so big it scares you when you drive over it.
  • 3101 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Lynn-Highland Park

    There is a pothole in Park Blvd, at the intersection with E 28th St, in the downhill direction in the right half of the right lane. This is a danger for bicyclists who may be big uneven pothole. With high speed Park Blvd traffic, it isn't always possible to make a last minute move to the left half of the lane.

    It happened to me. I now generally ride in the left third of Park Blvd when traveling downhill, which allows for more maneuverability.

    This pothole is about 3 feet by 3 feet, and is a collapsed fill of repair work, perhaps sewer lateral.

  • 3310 Park Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    This apartment and water meter infront of the AmPm has been leaking water for months. It is a leak in the water meter or worse it is the sewer. Though it doesn't smell. This leak is wasting a lot of water. It is visible at three points on the sidewalk. Please get edmud to check it out. We can't waste water like this.
  • 2917 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights

    The repaving of Park Blvd has been postponed.

    Meanwhile, Park Blvd is full of potholes.

    The only safe way to ride down Park Blvd below 580 is to take the entire lane.

    Perhaps bike sharrows would reduce the angry drivers who yell that I should get out of the way. Probably not, but it is worth a try. It will also encourage cyclists to take the lane, which increases their safey.

  • Chronic Noise Archived
    2418 Park Blvd Oakland, CA - Ivy Hill
    Lots of after hours noise in this building next to us, mainly dog barking, coming from lower floor of property. Dogs bark a lot after 11pm, and consistantly all day long. General noise issues also, music, fighting, etc. No one answers doors and top units seem empty most of the time.
  • Other: Trees Acknowledged
    2401 Ivy Drive Oakland CA 94606, USA - Ivy Hill
    Overgrown and blocking side walk.