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Our neighborhood watch, community activist. All attempting to help our local government improve the quality of life issues.

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  • Hoboken Ave Jersey City, NJ - Journal Square
    Hoboken Ave, when it runs up to Palisade Ave is incredibly dangerous for bikers. At the bottom of Hoboken Ave, there is a clear definition of two lanes. When moving uphill, the lane divisions disappear, and cars feel free to speed up the whole road. Even though the hill is a one way, many bikers use that road to access Jersey City and Hoboken, and it proves very dangerous for us, especially at night time.
  • 229 Bay Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Not only is the walk signal still not working but if this is how they left it after attempting a repair, it's pretty pathetic.

    This is an extremely dangerous intersection. Cars doesn't even slow down when making a turn. Yesterday someone making a left turn almost ran me over and had the gall to yell at me for not having a walk signal.

    I've been complaining about this for months. FYI complaint numbers: W024521-092213 and W027113-123013

  • 223 Warren Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    corner of sussex / warren streets is a transition intersection as is morris / warren
  • 404-408 8th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    My dog had a seizure 3 nights in a row in exactly the location on 8th St, under the turnpike. Might be a coincidence - my dog is old and has health issues. But I thought it may have been triggered by chemicals from the turnpike construction or train tracks. Given it's proximity to Enos Jones and Dickinson I thought it worth reporting.

    More detail:
    my dog is pretty old - he's over 10 years. And has some chronic health issues including hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy and an inoperable growth above his heart. We ran a full set of tests after he nearly drowned 6 months ago - he actually died, but we used CPR to revive him. The vet said he could pass suddenly at any time...
    But a strange thing happened 3 nights in a row in the identical location - on 8th St, just under the turnpike. He collapsed with what looked like a seizure. It might simply be a sign of deteriorating health. I believe they've been using chemicals during the construction on that section of the Turnpike - it created a noticeable smell all the way to HP over the past number of weeks. Also I know PSEG had that section of the park "flagged" last week NW of the bleachers.

  • 66-98 Columbus Drive Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Pedestrian walkway at Columbus between Marin and warren is really unsafe!

    It sends pedestrians out further into the street than previously and gives no protection except standard size, sparsely populated traffic cones. Where's that jersey barrier!!! This is a busy corridor for pedestrians to the path train and the traffic is like a speedway!!

  • 123 Duncan Avenue Jersey City, NJ - West Side

    We've placed in numerous request through the city pothole association to hear us out.... The Service Request Reference No. is: W014716-080311

    As a home owner to the four properties on Duncan Court, and the additional complaints from the surrounding neighbor of this existing road condition. We've been very disappointed to how the city has neglected to repair and service this failing roadway, Duncan Court (registered also as Calhoun St). To consider the severity and extent of the patches of potholes, cracks, rutting, raveling, ride quality, traffic volume, and poor drainage are at a severe scale. The bed rock to this roadway is at it poorest quality that it has damaged the sidewalk we've just completed two years ago.

    The sealer applied to parts of the asphalt cracks to prevent water penetration has done nothing but worsen throughout the years, these failing areas needs to be completely replaced and not patched. The bed-rock has turned up to waves. We the family of Duncan Court will like to consider that the city also repair the concrete curb, sidewalk, and drainage structures.

    This existing roadway, curb, and parts of the sidewalk need to be reconstructed! See the pictures of the current road condition below.

    We would really like to consider the street to be revitalized like Fairmont Lane, but the road is beyond normal maintenance measures!

  • 631 Grove St. Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    the lights in the underpasses/bridges need to be replaced here.
  • 290 Montgomery St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Daily the left only lane is used to go straight.
    Do police presence ever.
  • Car Accident Archived
    155 New York Ave Jersey City, NJ 07307, USA - The Heights
    At 2:10pm there was yet again another car accident at the corner of Franklin St and New York Ave. This time a truck traveling west on Franklin sheared off the front bumper of a car on NY ave inching out from the stop sign to view if traffic was clear to cross Franklin.
    The fact that there is no shoulder on Franklin and narrow sidewalks males it difficult for drivers on NY to see on coming traffic.
    This is the second accident in as many days on a intersection that has many children walking through it due to school nearby. There are also many children that live and play on NY Ave on a regular basis and it is a posted DEAF CHILD AREA at that intersection. I saw an old woman hit and knocked to the pavement while crossing NY at Franklin ave last year. Over the last several years I am aware of at least a dozen accidents that have occurred on this corner.
    A traffic light on this corner would greatly reduce the current risks to drivers and pedestrians alike.
  • 1-117 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Grove PATH Plaza a disaster. 3 cans overflowing in photo. Grove Pointe responsible for maintenance 8am-10pm 24/7/365.
  • 8 Erie Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    We had a community meeting where we were told that parking restrictions are issued for deliveries only. Brunelleschi has managed to get FIVE spots on Bay Street blocked for ONE MONTH for 'deliveries'. Their contractors are parking there.

    Brunelleschi managed to get the sidewalk on Erie blocked. It made sense when there was active demolition occurring and
    a dumpster was behind the fence. Now? Nightly parking for
    their trucks. Mind you, they also have 6 spots on Erie, which at
    one time was for pedestrians, blocked again for parking.

    HOW DID THEY GET FIVE SPOTS ON BAY RESERVED FOR ONE MONTH OF 'DELIVERIES'? Why not make their employees move out off of Erie when the phantom delivery occurs?

  • Other Open
    259 1st Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown