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  • 444 Center St Central Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Willie's Steak House is a disgrace. The building is falling down, the parking lot is overgrown and the entire property appears to be DANGEROUS
  • 391 Middle Tpke E Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The sidewalks on the north side of East Middle Tpke between Parker St and Woodbridge st. have basically disappeared. You cannot distinguish the sidewalk from the st. The town needs to fix this like they said they would years ago
  • 493 Adams Street Manchester, ct 06040 - Central Manchester
    Cars travel at a very high speed in a 30 mile a hour zone. Not that it makes a difference but there are only 2, 30 mile a hour signs on Adams St. between Middle Turnpike and Center St. one at each end.
    I don't know how cars can start from the light on Middle Turnpike past our house going as fast as they do, even wake us up in the middle of the night hearing cars making loud noise from speeding.
    We can't get out of our driveway at certain times of the day, traffic is backed up past our house from the light on Middle Turnpike. Not often someone will let us out.
    When trying to make a left into our driveway, cars have even passed me on the left and many times they sneak past us on the right, up over the curb and almost side swipe us on the right. When coming from Center St. taking a right into our driveway, because a telephone pole is between 2 driveways we have to make a wider swing to avoid the pole and if we wait for traffic to pass coming toward us, cars beep as us, can't they see what we have to do to get into our driveway. Even if no traffice is coming and we are turning they will pass us on the left. Can't they wait.
    Beside ambulances that go up our street SEVERAL times a day, cars travel just as fast and do ambulances need to use their sirens from one end of the street to the other even at night.
    Seeing I am doing so much complaining, when I learned to drive the rule was if an ambulance or fire truck was coming toward you or behind you we were to pull over and wait for them to pass. I don't know how many times I have pulled over to have cars pass me and keep going. The other day a fire truck was coming toward us on Center St. two cars were behind me. I pulled over, car behind me pulled over the third car passed us both, and before the fire truck passed the car behind me pulled out and came around me. Where did they learn to drive?
    I almost got hit one day stopping at a 3 way stop sign. I was going to take a left but had a feeling the car coming toward me was going to fast to stop, yes he never did stop right through the stop sign. I would have gotten hit broad side. I have seen this so many times, what are people thinking. It was also a stop sign in front of a school.
    If only a police car would sit on Jarvis Rd. they would make a lot of money on tickets.
  • Lenox St Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Central Manchester
    Lenox Street needs repaving BADLY. The entire street seems to be falling apart. Tons of potholes and bumps. This street is used for traffic going to the high school and by the police department often.
  • Intersection Of Hilliard And Adams Street Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    If Traveling WEST on Hilliard Street when you approach the Traffic Light at Adams Street the Light Will NOT Change unless you are on an approx 1 Foot area section of the Road, in fact the Light will cycle several times and let Eastbound traffic cross Adams Street but the WEST Bound side will Stay Red and will NOT Change unless you finally back up or roll far enough forward into the intersection that your vehicle is recognized, many times after sitting there while the light cycles several times and changing for the East bound but Staying Red for the WEST Bound traffic I will either go through the Red light or Turn Right and then have to cut thru the Fiber Optic Company Property only to come back East to the Light to Turn Right to Go South on Adams Street, This light needs to be addressed , There is an Optic Sensor up on a pole that faces the WEST Bound traffic on Hilliard but perhaps it is also broken or ineffective ??? The problem still exists and often occurs at night when there is only one car at the Light heading West on Hilliard and the Light will cycle for East Bound cars on Hilliard then the light cycles back to North and South Green, basically ignoring the fact that there is a car sitting on the Westbound side of Hilliard waiting to cross ...
  • 82 Wedgewood Dr. Manchester Ct - Central Manchester
    Owner Has approx 10 to11 Automobiles in yard. Some don't even run. It becomes a rodent problem.
  • 51 Division St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The street light on Division Street, nearest to Pine Street stays lit all day and night.
  • 32 Devon Dr Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    Due to lack of storm sewers, the road is washing away during every heavy rain. The road is now full of potholes and broken pavement.
  • 80 Main St North Manchester, CT 06042 - Central Manchester
    The granite curb all along this section has sunken level with the roadway, but at one point (unfortunately right in the crosswalk), there is a rather deep hole, large enough to break the ankle of an unwary pedestrian. Raising the curbs would be a big project but a bit of asphalt in the crosswalk hole would be an easy fix until the curbing is restored.
  • 1231 Main St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The lights under the American and town flag lights are out. I have reported to the town but they haven't changed them yet.
  • School St - Central Manchester
    I know vacuum day is coming but that does not give one the right to fill the road with leaves. I wish the police would come give everyone with leaves in the road or on the sidewalk a fine!
  • School St And Spruce St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    The traffic light gets stuck and will not detect traffic heading east or west on School St. This creates a safety hazard as people need to get to work and often have to go through the red light.