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  • 1438 Rowland Ave. Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    well again, another empty home that the landlord has no concern with. This property has been vacant for a couple weeks, and the landlord of the property was there about a week ago. Of course while at the filthy mess
    left by his drug dealing tenants, concern for the condition of the property was shown. Well thanks to the stark county dog warden, we now live in a much safer environment without the pit bulls attacking and growling at us. Thank you dog warden..great job!! We are so appreciative that someone took the time to hear our concerns. Now that raid took place, the drug dealer got scared off and moved before he was busted. Not that it would have been anything new to him..But now some of the violent people are somewhere else and all is a little safer in our neighborhood! BUT.. The condition the property is in is a sight for sore eyes. Yes we have seen the city truck around, and I am sure they are aware of this property. Could someone please get the owner to clean up the mess, get rid of the homeless person that stays in the residence, so we don't have to smell the stinch, and look at the awful mess!! Thanks
  • 12 Th St From Market To Monument Needs Total Replacement Or Take Back To Brick. canton, oh - Canton
    take street back to brick.
  • 1418 Plain Ne Canton, OH - Canton
    Please inspect for demolition. Also please see about getting the graffitti taken care of on the house.
  • 1127 Walnut Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check entire property for code compliance. Roof
  • 320 15th St Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    Member West would like this house/garage inspected. The garage is falling down, there are junk vehicles all round the property and junk. This property is owned by Sherman Lewis and Member West expressed that his properties have been an issue in the past. The neighbor Jerry Baer said if anyone wanted to talk to him about these properties he can be reached at (330)323-2779.
  • 1157 Spring Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check entire property for code compliance.
  • 1027 - 16th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Caller reported exposed electrical wires inside the home due to the holes in ceilings and floors.
  • 1200-1212 Worley Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Extremely large old tree in the alley of Worley and Diana pl at the edge of street in alley has a potential of falling damaging multiple houses. Tree seem very old and impending all the utility wires. Approximately every 5 Years an utility guy has to cut the branches in order to perform his/her job.
  • 1019 14th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check entire property for code compliance.
  • Other Archived
    718 14th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Property has been reported several times but never inspected. The building is leaning and neighbor worried it will collapse into her property. Also has seen animals entering this building.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1459 Plain Ave Ne Canton, OH 44714, USA - Canton
    trash and garbage piled around this property. ///CM
  • Barking Dogs Archived
    426 15th St Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    This dog is either on the roof barking or in a unlocked kennel with a pit mix barking until all hours. All the windows are just open.