Ward 2

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  • 816 10th Street Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property needs to be cleaned up and the house needs to be code compliant checked please.
  • 803 15th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Caller states siding is being torn off of this house. Windows have been broken but boarded up instead of being fixed. People do live in the home, it is not a vacant home. Trash in the back yard. (Constant trash at the curb but caller to speak to sanitation).
  • 307 16th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    high grass high bushes lot of weeds front yard and back yard piles of sticks back hard occupied house some left from last fall clean up never did then ...
  • 725 12th Street Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    My home was Drove into by a pedestrian, unfortunately this is the SECOND time and both times the assailant ran. Now my home is damaged and the Canton City Police Department said it’s my job to clean up the debris. My porch is severely damaged and unsafe for the people walking by on the sidewalk. I am a disabled Veteran and I am at a lost on why it would be my job to clean up the damage that I didn’t create. When the city was redoing the street I requested from the Engineers that I get a retaining wall like my neighbor so I wouldn’t have this problem; however, was denied. Now at 725 12th ST NW in Canton it’s an eyesore to look at and I do NOT feel safe anymore living here if people are just mowing through lawns ripping front porches off of homes and it’s the home owner’s responsibity to pay and/ or clean it up. The criminals drove and ripped out the black city guard railing that was cemented in the first set of stairs, drove into the second set of stairs, into my coy pond and into and ripped the corner of my porch off of the house. I can’t express how this makes my neighborhood looks and how these incidents makes me feel after making multiple attempts to request a 3 foot retaining wall to prevent these things from happening.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    606 Paar Pl Ne #2 CANTON , OHIO - Canton
  • 916 Walnut Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check dwelling for code compliance and property for fence/garage issues.
  • 1346 Spring Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
  • 306 16th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Occupied house the electric has been shut off by aep at the street pole the gas has been shut of by dominion the residents put clothes in there cars and left....the upstairs windows are wide open the storm door is open there is alot of stuff sitting in the front yard and front porch and is bringing people around and they are looking around....not sure about the back yard as it has a large stockade fence and the health dept was here in the spring of this year to clean out the back yard so they may already know this property....
  • 603 15th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Check property for compliance. All registrations/fee/fines are current. Tarp on roof.
  • 1614 North Market Avenue Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Property has a long lot that runs behind the house the lot is overgrown weeds all the way down to the end which is east and is towards cherry avenue also at the end of the lot there are cinder blocks with cement attached and wood fencing .
  • Market Square Canton, Ohio - Canton

    At the June 2 Council Meeting, it was brought to the public's attention that the spigot's were shut off and the downtown neighborhood association could not water the flowers that were graciously planted downtown. There is absolultely no reason why, in a city that wastes water every single day with leaky faucets in nearly every city building, that these spigots cannot be scheduled to be turned on when they flowers need to be watered. There's really no reason why they can't be left on, but I can understand the control issue of wanting them to be scheduled to be turned on.
    1. The spray park water will be city water sprayed straight into the sewer system. Dollars right down the drain. There is no filter system planned, therefore the water cannot be recirculated.
    2. The faucet in the women's bathroom in Stadium Park is constantly running. There is no "off". More wasted "water" and "money".
    3. I've worked in two city buildings. Both contain constantly running water faucets. Listen. You can hear them if you cannot see them.

    Just turn the things on. Someone is trying to help you - for free - to make this gray, dingy looking city beautiful (see satellite map photo). LET THEM, because we haven't yet come together to do that yet! We're on our way, but we're not quite there yet.

  • 1466 Gibbs Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check entire property for code compliance. siding, roof, gutters, trim