Ward 2

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  • 611 Essig Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Complainant reports a part skid, part chain link fence erected on this property which has no permit and which is partially on his property.
  • 1543 Harvard Canton Ohio Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Follow up on Issue #3560106 closed by R. Kinlow after parking ticket issued. The car has NOT been moved since it was dropped off by a tow truck (prior to 7/14) and has NOT been moved since the issuance of the ticket, either. It was broken into & the driver's side door is still partially ajar - which means no one is paying attention to it. To reiterate, this vehicle was dropped off by a TOW TRUCK prior to 7/14/2017 which means it's not in running condition. When someone parks across the street, the way THIS car is parked (over a foot from curb) presents a traffic issue. People should not be able to use streets as storage for unusable vehicles. This car needs towed.
  • 1019 22nd St Ne Canton Ohio, Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Van has expired plates/was tagged a few weeks ago, on 3/2/17 Mr. Kinlow responded that 'owner needs another week'. Van is STILL IN DRIVEWAY!
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    716 11th St Nw Canton, OH 44703, USA - Canton
    Per owner, sanitation did not take trash this week.
  • Pothole Archived
    Cherry Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Several large potholes on Cherry NE between 9th & 12th Big enough to damage a car.