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  • Market Square Canton, Ohio - Canton

    At the June 2 Council Meeting, it was brought to the public's attention that the spigot's were shut off and the downtown neighborhood association could not water the flowers that were graciously planted downtown. There is absolultely no reason why, in a city that wastes water every single day with leaky faucets in nearly every city building, that these spigots cannot be scheduled to be turned on when they flowers need to be watered. There's really no reason why they can't be left on, but I can understand the control issue of wanting them to be scheduled to be turned on.
    1. The spray park water will be city water sprayed straight into the sewer system. Dollars right down the drain. There is no filter system planned, therefore the water cannot be recirculated.
    2. The faucet in the women's bathroom in Stadium Park is constantly running. There is no "off". More wasted "water" and "money".
    3. I've worked in two city buildings. Both contain constantly running water faucets. Listen. You can hear them if you cannot see them.

    Just turn the things on. Someone is trying to help you - for free - to make this gray, dingy looking city beautiful (see satellite map photo). LET THEM, because we haven't yet come together to do that yet! We're on our way, but we're not quite there yet.

  • Health Hazard Archived
    1459 Plain Ave Ne Canton, OH 44714, USA - Canton
    trash and garbage piled around this property. ///CM
  • 1113 7th St N.E. Canton, Ohio - Canton
    house is empty drug activeity 24 hrs a day.grass is chest high .called owner said he does not own it
  • 1325 Plain Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
  • 12 Th St From Market To Monument Needs Total Replacement Or Take Back To Brick. canton, oh - Canton
    take street back to brick.
  • Barking Dogs Archived
    426 15th St Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    This dog is either on the roof barking or in a unlocked kennel with a pit mix barking until all hours. All the windows are just open.
  • 1127 Walnut Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check entire property for code compliance. Roof
  • 1418 Plain Ne Canton, OH - Canton
    Please inspect for demolition. Also please see about getting the graffitti taken care of on the house.
  • 1157 Spring Ave Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Please check entire property for code compliance.
  • 1027 - 16th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Caller reported exposed electrical wires inside the home due to the holes in ceilings and floors.
  • Other Archived
    718 14th St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Property has been reported several times but never inspected. The building is leaning and neighbor worried it will collapse into her property. Also has seen animals entering this building.
  • 1200-1212 Worley Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Extremely large old tree in the alley of Worley and Diana pl at the edge of street in alley has a potential of falling damaging multiple houses. Tree seem very old and impending all the utility wires. Approximately every 5 Years an utility guy has to cut the branches in order to perform his/her job.