Ward 4

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  • 508 Saylor Place Southwest Canton, OH - Canton
    No electricity / Numerous Broken Windows / Multiple Unknown People Residing in Single Family Home
  • 12th Street From Market To Maple Canton, OH - Canton
    Pot holes are everywhere all the way down 12 ...but they seem to be really bad between market and maple....you have to.swerve to miss them.or your car will get messed up....the city fills them and the.stuff they use gets pushed back out....wouldnt it be better to just repave it and cheaper to repave it than.have to keep spending money for some thing thats a temporary fix......
  • 2030 2nd St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Check property for code. Violations. Fence basbent door porch fence eves gutters windows. Check back yard fenced for debris an trash dog fesies regerstions fines fees
  • 803 Court Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    weeds are tall enough to hide most of the trash! back door open! when is something going to get done!!!!!!!! been waiting for years!
  • 1207 6th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
  • 2115 2nd St Ne Canton, Ohio - Canton
    High grass, weeds and yard waste set around house.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1311 3rd St Ne Canton, OH 44704, USA - Canton
    trash and garbage all around the outside of the house. Also trash, garbage and roaches inside the house. ///CM
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1229 High Avenue Southwest Canton, OH - Canton
    04052018 - Received complaint for trash and debris on the exterior and unsanitary housing conditions. /// DT
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1720 5th Street Southeast Canton, OH - Canton
    Tenants dumping trash, garbage and human waste outside this property. /// CM
  • Zoning Questions Acknowledged
    101-199 Rex Ave Se Canton, OH 44702, USA - Canton
    front porch rails are missing and couch on front por h is flipped upside down
  • 1010 3rd St Sw Canton 44707, United States - Canton
  • 202 Rowland Avenue Northeast Canton, OH - Canton
    needs boarded up