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Part of The Red Line Project, The Chicago Stumbler highlights some of Chicago's worst sidewalks. Report a sidewalk problem here with a photo, and we'll feature it at, with credit to you.

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  • 1428 E. 57th Street Chicago/Cook, IL - Hyde Park
    The northwest corner of the intersection of Blackstone Ave. & 57th Street turns into a small lake, about 4 inches deep, whenever it rains or snow melts; then freezes over and creates a slipping hazard; last year at least one broken ankle occurred. The sewer drain does not accept the water and is more than likely broken. The water covers an area 10 feet across and children have to walk in the street to make it to the other side.
  • 3930 N Pine Grove Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The Sidewalk along the west side of Pine Grove ave as well as the south side of Irving Park road west of Pine Grove is caving in and deteriorating along the property of Lake Park Plaza Condo Association. Water is ponding, covering the side walk sometimes for days after rain. The sidewalk is tilting towards the building so the water can never drain. This causes a sanitation hazard, a trip hazard, and a general safety hazard to pedestrians.
  • 4700 N Beacon Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Behind the building, there is a frequently leaking pipe that spills into the alley. It causes major problems with ice buildup. There are also pipes that leak right onto the Leland sidewalk, which also ices up. This causes problems with people and cars. There are slips and falls, and people with disabilities have a lot of trouble.
  • Near West Side Chicago, IL, USA - Near West Side
    Sidewalk is missing.
  • 760 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The number of homeless living under the Wilson underpass at Lake Shore Drive is out of control. I've been told they can't be moved unless they're completely blocking the sidewalk. There is space to walk on the sidewalk but who wants to do that when both sides of the underpass are lined with tents, blankets, garbage and people. Let's make a deal: clear one side of the underpass and send those people down to the Oak Street underpass. Then we'll see how long it takes the city to solve the problem and we can use the same solution here.
  • 728 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60661, USA - Near West Side
    This hole was cut into the sidewalk over one year ago. It is just west of 728 W. Jackson, where bridge over I-94 begins. No more work has been done on it. It is a tripping hazard on a route taken by many to Greektown.
  • 4949 N. Saint Louis Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    The storm drain on the west side of the street where St. Louis Ave deadends at the Chicago River doesn't function. Last night, with only the east drain working at the end of the street where all the water from the street and alley flow we had standing water up to my waist and covering the street, parkway and sidewalks from the end of the street to the e/w alley.
  • 4630 North Beacon Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    4620 n beacon is constantly ignoring city ordinances and failing to shovel the sidewalk. Of course, the parking lot behind the lot is plowed well. I can't think of a finer reason for more city enforcement for next winter.
  • 810 W. Montrose Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    As has happened in past winters, the owners of the abandoned Columbus Maryville Campus at Motrose and Clarendon have failed to adequately remove the snow on sidewalks adjacent to the property. Of particular concern is the stretch of Montrose west of Clarendon.
  • 920 N Elizabeth Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27

    numerous gang tags on the following areas/locations:

    1. garbage bins and dumpsters in alley that runs between Walton and Elizabeth streets (purple heart shapes, rival gangs tagging over each other)... alley runs behind st. Boniface church.

    2. tags on light poles from Augusta to Chicago avenues (noble to highway). in particular, the light pole on Elizabeth st. at alley between Chestnut and Walton

    3. numerous tags on abandoned church (fences, building, scaffolding) at 901 N. Noble (st. Boniface)

    4. gang tag on sidewalk near northeast corner of Eckhart Park (on south side of Chestnut street, across from 1302 W. Chestnut)

  • Snow removal Archived
    841 W Leland Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    This property has not shoveled their sidewalk all year and it's nearly impossible to traverse.
  • 3411 W Foster Ave Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    3601 N Foster. This property appears to be unoccupied and is in very poor condition. Overgrown weeds, grass, and bushes are now obstructing sidewalk and making it difficult for cars exiting the alley to see pedestrians. This is unsightly and is a hazard.