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  • 340 Second Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Last night this very same vehicle drove right over the delinator's, a middle age female with shoulder length dark hair walked out of J.C Eco Laundry and laughed uproariously at the driver, clapping and saying "Haha, good one!!"
    THIS is NO LONGER a simple "parking violation", this is a full blown business complaint. Thank you.
  • 449-453 Monmouth St Jersey City NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Missing stop sign and no street painting leading to unsafe intersection. 6th and Monmouth.
  • 312-316 4th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    4th Street between Coles and Brunswick is in dire need of repaving after multiple rounds of work (Sewer, water, gas,) The last round of construction was a year ago.
  • 384 2nd St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    We have daily groups of teenagers from Ferris H.S. spending their lunch hour on our stoop — private property. They do not have our permission to be there. They litter, make noise and are rather mean if we ask them to move and/or clean up after themselves. Calls to the school have gone nowhere — all they do is tell us to call the police. Can the city help in some other way, or offer concrete suggestions? We don’t want to ruin these kids’ lives; we just want them to stop using private property as their cafeteria and trash dump — and to stop throwing nasty words and glares our way when we assert our rights as property owners. We also want the school to address this domehow, as they’re letting the students out for lunch as a privilege. Thanks for your help.
  • Brunswick Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    Residents are requesting and brighter, lighted stop sign so that people can see to STOP instead of running it.
  • 343 1st Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The Village needs trash cans. The litter & debris is disgusting
  • Driveways Archived
    344 5th St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Owner is making a new curb cut. There wasn't a curb cut before.
  • 373 Monmouth St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Stop signs are missing on cross section Monmouth Street and First Street. Pedestrians often have to run to avoid getting hit by cars. There are stop signs on the First Street side.
  • Construction Archived
    369 2nd St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    No sidewalk Extremely dangerous Non-ADA compliant
  • 390 2nd Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States of America - Downtown
    Selling tobacco to minors. I know this because said minors are all students at Ferris who started to use the long empty cafe batata patio/awning as a smoking spot before school. This morning included. Let them be, but that deli needs to get it together.
  • 345 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Cars speed down Newark Ave. and do not slow down at crosswalk at Sixth and Newark. Friend was almost struck. Two new buildings have been built at intersection and added more pedestrians and still lack of safety/traffic calming design.
  • Sixth And Division Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    In addition to the crosswalk sign being completely blocked, no safety in place, cars speeding, dangerous construction, we now have the one and only stop sign laying on the sidewalk. NO MORE waiting for "construction to finish" before the city chooses do anything.TY