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  • 420 13th St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Sofa outside Burger King at 13th & Broadway
  • Broadway Exit Off 24 Oakland, California - Downtown
    This is dangerous and extremely crazy that we have foot deep holes in the middle of a major interception and off ramp in Oakland
  • Presley Street Between Keith Ave And Miles Oakland, CA - Downtown
    I submitted this complaint, along with several neighbors, last month and it was closed and referred to Caltran. Well I also spoke with someone at Caltran and they think it's a City issue. So this needs to be addressed. The dumping along the street is attracting more dumping and it is a blight to the neighborhood.
  • Caldecott Fields Parking Lot Oakland, California - Downtown
    Some ATM robber dumped this.
  • Frank Ogawa Plaza Oakland, California - Downtown
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 1999 Harrison St. Oakland, California - Lakeside
    Just across the way in Snow Park the camper that has been in the park of over a month now has moved to a spot under a tree. See the attached photo.
  • trash Acknowledged
    Park Blvd East Of Estates Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Trash and hundreds of spray paint cans under all three viaducts on Park Blvd. And graffiti on lower levels of viaducts.
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    412 15th Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Sidewalk collapsing major trip hazard
  • 2350 Broadway Oakland, California - Waverly
    Graffiti has risen back from the depths to terrorize the citizens of Oakland and the YMCA! Once again there is graffiti all over the construction walls opposite the YMCA!
    Will the brave members of Oakland city services prevail??
  • 24th And Broadway Oakland - Northgate
    All windows on this seemingly abandoned building right on Broadway tagged last night. On Broadway!
  • Broadway:19th St (19th St Bart Station) Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Graffiti on building at 19th & Broadway.
  • 9710 Macarthur Boulevard/ 98th And Mac Arthur Blvd On Pge Fence Oakland, California - Downtown
    Very ugly multi color large: it has been reported to PGE but nothing has been done