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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2013-06-18

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 2350 Broadway Oakland, California - Waverly
    Graffiti has risen back from the depths to terrorize the citizens of Oakland and the YMCA! Once again there is graffiti all over the construction walls opposite the YMCA!
    Will the brave members of Oakland city services prevail??
  • 24th And Broadway Oakland - Northgate
    All windows on this seemingly abandoned building right on Broadway tagged last night. On Broadway!
  • 1900 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Graffiti on windows
  • Webster Street And 22nd Street Oakland, CA - Downtown

    There is an uncontrolled, highly-used crosswalk at 22nd Street in Downtown Oakland, crossing Webster Street. However, a car parking spot at the NW corner of this intersection makes crossing pedestrians impossible to see until they are already in the street, especially for bicyclists riding in the bike lane to the far right of the roadway.

    Strangely, there is a red curb at the SE corner of this intersection which appears to have no purpose, as there is no fire hydrant or other access issue there, and since the street is one-way it doesn't even improve the sight lines for the crosswalk.

    I propose that the existing parking spot on the NW corner be removed and that curb painted red, and then the red curb at the SE corner be removed to add a parking space there. This way there is no net loss of parking while increasing the safety of the intersection for everyone. I have included an image illustrating the proposed change.

    Please get on this right away before someone is hurt!

  • Broadway:19th St (19th St Bart Station) Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Graffiti on building at 19th & Broadway.
  • 9710 Macarthur Boulevard/ 98th And Mac Arthur Blvd On Pge Fence Oakland, California - Downtown
    Very ugly multi color large: it has been reported to PGE but nothing has been done
  • 30th St Between Adeline And Magnolia Oakland, CA - Downtown
    About a dozen bags of brush and branches in the street.
    Same person dumps here every week.
  • Crosswalk Safety Acknowledged
    21st And 22nd At Telegraph And Oakland, California - Downtown
    These two intersections have crosswalks that were just painted (thanks Oakland!). However, this is still not enough for drivers to notice that it is indeed a crosswalk. There is a senior building with entrances and exits on both 21st and 22nd and I have seen countless numbers of these people just miss being hit by cars at both of these intersections. Please put up a crosswalk sign and zebra stripes or reflectors on the street. This is a true safety matter!
  • 2350 Broadway Oakland, California - Waverly
  • Sidewalk Archived
    100-122 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Waverly
    Sidewalk closed along the entire NW corner of Webster and Grand without and ADA accommodation or signage at the next closest corners warning of the closure. Looks like it might have to do with window washing, so please notify the company responsible that this sidewalk closure is illegal and inappropriate.
  • 1445 29th Ave -Across The St From Here Oakland, California - Downtown
    Per usual, furniture and trash have been dumped on the sidewalk & parking strip across from 1445 29th Ave.
    location of items is next to telephone pole and nr speed bump.
    Owner of "historic" home that fronts this strip is never held accountable for this continuous dump site. Why not?
  • Frank H Ogawa Plaza Oakland, CA - Downtown
    The fountain at Frank H Ogawa Plaza has not been maintained in months. The lining is covered in algae, and the water is neon green and stinks.