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Notified About

  • 421-461 24th St Oakland, California - Northgate
    It's been here a month.
  • 200 Grand Avenue Oakland, CA - Adams Point
    Looks like someone ran into the pole over the weekend. First noticed Monday October 5.
  • Park Maintenance Acknowledged
    Thomas L Berkley Way (20th St):Franklin St Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Human bodily waste on the wall.litter everywhere.
  • 1312 Broadway Oakland, California - Downtown
    Fence gate to parking lot broken open. Multiple tents erected and one shanty made of pallets & tarps. Two large loose dogs living with the multiple residents. I filed a request with Cal Trans to have it addressed: ticket nbr 611400. One tent set up in the street on 5th alongside Webster Tube. OPD needs to have it removed off the public thoroughfare. Lot needs clearing, clean up, and gate locked asap.
  • 1955 Broadway Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Sears' windows have been broken and boarded up 1/2 of the year now, making the entire neighborhood feel blighted.
  • Other Acknowledged
    200-298 Frank H Ogawa Plaza Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Downtown
    Last night after 10:00 pm, I witnessed a woman being attacked by a man b/w the BART entrance and the triangular-shaped bldg at 14th & Broadway. Apparently, he had been following her and cornered her where it was dark. She had been walking home after work. Frank Ogawa plaza IS VERY DARK, and that spot is particularly dark at night. I understand that since Occupy, the city doesn't want to encourage people to hang out in this area, but poor lighting is a serious public safety issue. If my boyfriend and I hadn't been there to call out and interfere with the attack in progress, who knows what might have happened to that poor woman. Please increase lighting in this area immediately.
  • Corner Of 21st Streer And Franklin. Ib Hogies Oakland, California - Downtown
    The business owner(IB Hogies) keeps setting his garbage on the sidewalk. He has no proper garbage can or dumpster and keeps setting it in front of the dumpster that is rented by 2111 Franklin. Every time this happens someone comes by and tears through the garbage and leaves a huge mess.
  • 1953 Webster St Oakland, CA - Lakeside

    Ever since the bike lanes have been installed on Webster Street in Downtown Oakland, the curve just south of 20th Street has been problematic. Nearly every driver in the rightmost lane cuts into the bike lane at this spot, and I have had many close calls on my bike nearly getting hit by cars because of this. In the short term I think installing flexible plastic bollards through the curve between the bike and travel lane here would be an acceptable solution, and then down the line when the street gets repainted a buffer could be installed to account for drivers who can't stay in their lane.

    There is another problem with the bike lane on this block of Webster south of 20th, as deliver truck, public works, utility, and private car drivers will often park in and block the bike lane. This happens everywhere else on every bike lane in the city, too, but here it is more dangerous as the buildings block the view of the street after the curve, especially for cyclists in the bike lane to the far right. This means cyclists have to either slam on the brakes to avoid hitting vehicles suddenly appearing in the bike lane ahead or swerve left into traffic that is already swerving right into the bike lane. The solution to this would be either increased enforcement of double parkers, or turning those parking spots into loading zones for trucks so that they can park safely at the curb instead of blocking the bike lane.

  • On Ellington Way Down From Tubman Oakland, California - Downtown
    Old large pile of carpet partially blocking street. First seen on Monday 9/28/15..
    Please remove. Thank you.
  • 24th And Broadway Oakland, CA - Northgate
    Blank billboard on top of the Packard Loft building has been tagged.
  • 9612-9658 Macarthur Boulevard\ Between 96th And 98th Alleyway Oakland, California - Downtown
    A lot of trash and dumbing. Requesting to have area blocked off. To keep cars or trucks driving in there at night to dump.
  • Large new pothole Acknowledged
    1660 Broadway oakland, ca - Downtown
    Outside jimmys deli on east bound lane