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Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2013-06-18

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • Graffiti Archived
    449 23rd Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Northgate
    On the Southwest side of the Hive. On a garage door
  • Mountain Billboard Edwards Freeway Entrance Oakland, California - Downtown
    Metal ladders, plastic, etc.
  • 2101 Webster Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Vehicles are frequently double-parked and blocking the newly installed bicycle lane, rendering it unusable. The problem is the worst during morning and evening commute hours. Increased parking enforcement would be very helpful.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2412 Valdez Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Waverly
    Blighted house with buried vw bug. Free the vw!!
  • 2115 Franklin St. Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Building construction for the past few months looks horrible. I almost cut myself on the exposed wood 2 weeks ago while walking by it after I had tripped on what seems to be an elevator shaft to their basement.
  • Lowell St Between 56th And Aileen Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Caught these two jerks dumping all sorts of trash in plain view in the middle of the day on this city street. CA license 5E70300. They saw me take the pic and laughed. Can someone fine them please?! This is a neighborhood people live in, not a trash heap!
  • G Street Between 88th-89th Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Dead animal. Fecal matter, maggots, needls and piles of garbage
    Several piles curbside
  • 1803 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94612, USA - Lakeside
    City employee littered from car and then argued that somehow it was okey to throw trash on the street.
  • Other Open
    Seminary Ave 580 Freeway Entrance, Oakland, California - Downtown
    Seminary Ave freeway entrance to 580 West is a trash heap. There is litter everywhere. Desperately needs to be cleaned up!
  • 426 17th St Oakland, California - Downtown
    Oakland, we need more police. The Wakefield Building is a cultural asset, many of its tenants are community oriented in some form. Someone has done thousands of dollars in damage tagging the top floor on the east and west side of the building. The taggers and graffiti artists have gone too far for too long. In the last two years we lost several murals that have been a part of our community for decades. This isn't home grown, the whole country knows our police department is understaffed -we've become a vandalism and illegal dumping destination. We need more police!
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    1615 Broadway Oakland, California - Downtown
    There is a hole in the sidewalk that is a walking hazard to pedestrians. The city has placed a roofing material over the sidewalk in this area and it has several "soft" spots in it. This one is clearly a hazard as you can step into it. Especially in the evening under low light conditions.
  • Once ain't enough Acknowledged
    1643 E. 2st Street Oakland, CA - Downtown
    Rim slayer, sink hole-pot hole. Before and after photos. It needs to be re-repaired. Maybe it needs a blue oval, FixOrRepairDaily. Or maybe an Italian car marquee, FixItAgainTony.