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    100-120 East Creek Drive Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    Apartment complex leaving out recycling bins.
  • 1394-1498 Willow Road Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    I just started working off Willow Road at a startup near Facebook and have noticed that like many large tech companies FB tries to foster a bike-friendly culture; however, Willow Road is not bike friendly. It's more like Pet Semetary Road where speeding sand trucks and cars are hurrying to make it to the bridge or 101. The stated speed limit is 40 but as with most of California driving, that limit is regarded as the minimum speed rather than the max. This is an area that wants to be both a major artery and a tech-friendly hub. It cannot be both without some traffic calming and enforcement.
  • 122-198 El Camino Real Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    I'd like to report an incident of road rage this morning. Understanding that the MPD likely cannot do anything about it, I'd like for it to be on record, as this woman purposefully tried to cause me to rear end her. She was behind me at the train track crossing on northbound Alma waiting to turn onto el camino. She honked at me when the arm rose; I presumably didn't move fast enough after the train had passed. She demonstrated further agitation when I stopped for a bicyclist that was crossing at the crosswalk just after the train tracks. I proceeded to move into the far left lane on el camino to turn left onto cambridge. She sped up, cut in front of me, and slammed on her brakes. I narrowly avoided rear-ending her. She then pulled back into the northbound lane on el camino and sped off, yelling at me in her rear view mirror. She had brown hair and drove a white GMC truck with license plate 30473S1. This occurred at 7:48 this morning.
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    112 O’Keefe St. - Menlo Park
    I was wondering if it’s possible for the city to ask this neighbor to trim back the hedge at 112 O'Keefe St., Menlo Park? It makes it challenging to walk on the sidewalk and could affect pedestrian safety? Thank you!
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    158-206 Walnut St Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Very uneven/dangerous sidewalk in 210 and 214 Walnut.
  • 108 O’Connor Street Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    Every Sunday night (and random
    Others), a commercial 10+ wheel truck is parked in the street. There is no parking permit and it never gets a ticket. I’ve complained before to no avail. This is a work vehicle (for an external company) on city street overnight. Can someone finally do something (it’ll be there next week too)?
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    122 Jalan Abdul Rahman Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    me and my family return whatever we took from you, your staff and your company and their belonging to you.we take only the haq and nothing else before, now and forever
  • 111 Durham St Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - Menlo Park

    Paula Travers who lives at 111 Dirham St is going around the neighborhood accusing people of installing Facebook owned surveillance/motion tracker devices installed on their home.

    She is convinced that she is being regularly followed.

  • 319-325 Central Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Two large concrete chunks have been left in the ally that runs behind 318 Laurel Avenue, Menlo Park. They been there for several months.
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    7 Cheryl Place Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    The location 7 Cheryl Place, Menlo Park has been making excessive noise, loud music, and people noise.
    Waking us up at times between 1:00 5:00 am.
    This has been going on for some time now and we are finally reporting this problem.
  • 3735 Haven Avenue Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    I work in the management office at Anton Menlo (3639 Haven Avenue) which borders Tyson Kennels on our south eastern edge and we have received numerous complaints daily in regards to chronic barking at all hours of the day including recordings from residents of the dogs barking at 3am which goes on for all hours of the day and night.
  • 800 Middle Avenue Menlo Park, California - Menlo Park
    White Truck in the Parking Lot by Little House with License Plate CPT Gaby has not been moved in close to two weeks.