Near South Side

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  • 216 W 23rd Street Chicago, IL - Armour Square
    There is a "manhole" on the sidewalk in front of the building at 216 W. 23rd St 60616 (Chinatown) which has a defective cover. It no longer stays or locks in place, and can easily be removed. If someone steps on it, it can allow their leg to fall through. A child can probably fit and fall completely into the hole. Tentants of the building have called in several times but nothing has been done.
  • 1800-1808 South Indiana Avenue Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
    Street lights out on SB side of Indiana Ave from 16th to Cullerton. NB side is fine.
  • 626 W 18th St Chicago 60616, United States - Lower West Side
    Gang graffiti on front and side
  • 46 E Cullerton St CHICAGO, IL, 60616 - Near South Side
  • 2101-2199 S Calumet Ave Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
    this hole is a major tripping hazard
  • 119-143 West 18th Street Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Armour Square
    Multiple large, deep potholes under viaduct at Clark & 18th St. East and westbound lanes
  • 1535 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Near South Side
  • 34 E Cullerton St Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
    There had been work being done on the water main at the Wabash & Cullerton intersection. They have dug up the road and it is covered with metal plates where the hole is. However, there has been no work done here in several weeks. In addition, there is construction material that has been on the street (it is blocked off by barricades, but it has just been sitting there). Is this work ever going to be finished?
  • Chicago Women'S Park Fieldhouse 1801 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616, United States of America - Near South Side
    Graffiti on east side of call box
  • 1801 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
  • Other Open
    41-99 E 14th St Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Near South Side
    Utility pole holding transformers is leaning/curved
  • 1776-1798 S Clark St Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
    The traffic levels during morning and evening rush hours make turning left from 18th Street to Clark Street very difficult. Left turn lanes are in place - is it possible to get left turn signals at the light?