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  • 239 Foothill Blvd San Leandro 94577, United States - San Leandro
    Someone dumping mattress last night across the street.
  • 311 Foothill Boulevard San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - Chabot Park

    First of all thank you for your pick up for SR# 903463. I'm reporting and requesting illegal dumping pick up that was  SR# 895825 and now SR#903463 that wasn't resolved. 

    The area of the dumping is on Foothill Blvd between  Broadmoor st, and Westbay st on the East side of the street below the freeway fencing on the shoulder of the road. Since my first resport a couple of weeks ago, the trash have multiplied.  As reported previously, he nature of the dumping is, mattress, furniture and trash debris.  The longer this illegal dumping stays in the area, it continues to  promote more dumping  in this area. This evident by the increase dumping over the last few days.  Your help with this request is appreciated . I have attached photos of dumping. 


  • 1032 107th Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    The past 2 days when I call to report illegal fireworks to the "tip-line", the voice mailbox is full and I can't leave a message!
  • 951 Macarthur Blvd San Leandro, California - San Leandro
    Please replace two broken outlet covers, Affraid kids could get electric shock.
  • 1083–1123 Macarthur Blvd San Leandro 94577, United States - San Leandro
    Wall tagged
  • 2378 Polvorosa Drive San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - San Leandro
    These bushes need to be cut, have to duck all these branches for a quarter block. Please trim, thanks for any help.
  • 1300 Fairmont Dr San Leandro, CA 94578, USA - San Leandro
    illegal dumping
  • 10900–10976 Foothill Blvd San Leandro 94577, United States - Chabot Park
  • 604 Macarthur Blvd San Leandro 94577, United States - Chabot Park
    Styrofoam, Foodco shopping cart, othe garbage
  • Davis Street Oakland, California - San Leandro
    There are serious potholes, like the street is bombed out. On Davis Street between Fruitvale and Coolidge. The street is also bad from Coolidge to 35th, as it snakes around Peralta Hacienda
  • 10901-10999 Foothill Blvd San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - Chabot Park
    Illegal dumping
    Trash bag
  • 686 Macarthur Blvd Oakland, California - Chabot Park
    C'mon Oakland! You can do way better than this. Neighborhoods deserve sidewalks where people can actually walk. This is the stretch of MacArthur between Athol & Wesley just up from Lake Merritt. This has clearly been ignored for some time, and it's no longer safe or acceptable.