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  • 205 Foothill Blvd San Leandro 94577, United States - San Leandro
    Dumped Garbage
  • 13241-13257 Doolittle Dr San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - San Leandro
  • 348 Accolade Dr Oakland, CA 94603, USA - San Leandro
    This car with expired registration has been parked here for more then 4 months. Neighborhood has limited amount of parking.
  • 311 Foothill Boulevard San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - Chabot Park

    First of all thank you for your pick up for SR# 903463. I'm reporting and requesting illegal dumping pick up that was  SR# 895825 and now SR#903463 that wasn't resolved. 

    The area of the dumping is on Foothill Blvd between  Broadmoor st, and Westbay st on the East side of the street below the freeway fencing on the shoulder of the road. Since my first resport a couple of weeks ago, the trash have multiplied.  As reported previously, he nature of the dumping is, mattress, furniture and trash debris.  The longer this illegal dumping stays in the area, it continues to  promote more dumping  in this area. This evident by the increase dumping over the last few days.  Your help with this request is appreciated . I have attached photos of dumping. 


  • 593-599 Beatrice St San Leandro, CA 94579, USA - San Leandro
    At the stop sign at the end of the Washington Ave offramp from southbound 880. Probably on state property
  • 344 Covington Street Oakland - San Leandro

    This is my third claim.
    1-# 303177 April 2009
    2-email to Mr Uzejbu April 25, 2010
    3- on line service request # 368668 May 2, 2011

    The city of Oakland has already deemed the sidewalk damage to be caused by a city owned tree.

  • 1300 Fairmont Dr San Leandro, CA 94578, USA - San Leandro
    couch, tire, tv, aquarium
  • Durant Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Foothill Square
    small truckfull pile of debris from an burned vehicle in the street on the corner of durant/foothill blvd
  • 74 Williams Street San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - San Leandro
    This car is illegally blocking the driveway at 74 Williams St. San Leandro
  • 1220 143rd Avenue San Leandro, California - San Leandro
    The surface is so cracked that I fear for safety when I am chasing balls while I play tennis. Today I almost fell down thanks to the uneven surface with a lot of debris from ill-patched cracks.
  • 377 Foothill Blvd San Leandro 94577, United States - San Leandro
    Garbage piles dumped all along the I-580 side of Foothill. Please clean up and monitor regularly. Thanks
  • 579 Foothill Way San Leandro, CA 94577, USA - Chabot Park