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New North End NPA Steering Committee

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  • Sidewalks Archived
    445 South Union Street Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
  • 408 Colchester Ave Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    When weather permits, please sweep the uphill side of Colchester Ave (top to bottom). There is currently 4 feet of soil, gravel, and trash from the curb into the road. Additionally, there are blocked drains.
  • 455 North Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Perfectly good verge right beside.
  • 148 N Union St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Please spruce up the wonderful bike lane barriers in the next couple of weeks . There are plenty to replace. It's going to be ongoing for a while to get this barrier to stick. Don't lose faith
  • 311 North Ave Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    There is a growing tent city / camp site in the woods on the path, behind the old Burlington College dorm, that connects North Ave. to the bike path at Texaco Beach.
  • Other Archived
    137 Park St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    I thought that these signs needed to be taken down within a few weeks of rental. Why are they up on mutliple properties advertising June rentals now?
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    South Prospect And Pearl St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    There is no sidewalk--just mud and ice--to access pedestrian crossing button on the north corner of North Prospect Street and Colchester Avenue.

    There should be a sidewalk and it should be cleaned.

  • 275 Flynn Ave Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    It's near impossible to cross the street here safely. With the increase in traffic on the way it really needs a crosswalk. The sidewalk already appears ready for it with the yellow textured ends. Can DPW spare a little paint?
  • 135-145 East Avenue Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This has been in place for years. Is there any plan in the future to remove it?
  • 156 North Winooski Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This section of the bike lane is very dangerous because there is no icon indicating that it is a Bike Lane. Also the alignment shifts bikers far to the right which creates confusion among drivers and greatly increases the likelihood of a right hook collision in which bikers are hurt or killed. The sloppiness of the paint job indicates that even Public Works employees are confused by this poorly designed intersection. I suggest that the existing markings be removed and that a safe, properly aligned stripe be put in. It is also essential that one or more bike lane signs be included in the design. Otherwise this will continue to be a very dangerous corner.
  • 133 N Champlain St Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Bissonette properties management office has been informed that their rain gutter is iced over and causing a permanent large ice floe in front of their building. They have been informed several times over several weeks that children and elderly have fallen here and continue to. They have not remedied the dangerous ice caused by their property. Today I was told “ we salted” and “ it’s icy everywhere”. Please help them to do the right thing and fix this issue born of negligence.
  • Other Archived
    21–41 Sherman St Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Protected bike lane destroyed by plow. Only two of the flex posts left standing. All the others are at a 45° angle to the bike lane, bent to the ground creating a hazard for people on bikes.