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New North End NPA Steering Committee

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  • 279 North Winooski Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This sort of sloppy work should never be tolerated in a city that prioritizes safety. The bike lanes are currently unsafe because of faded striping and inadequate signage. Let's get it right this year or replace the folks who keep getting it wrong.
  • Curtis Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    How does someone go about having DPW inspect sidewalks and try to get sidewalk repairs added to the City's schedule?
  • Other Archived
    268 S Winooski Ave Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    big honking sign dangerously blocking bike lane and obstructing travel lane to tell drivers what they should already know and be doing 🙄🙄🙄
  • 21 South Willard Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    A safe pedestrian detour would be extremely easy to design and implement here. Instead a complete blockage has been maintained for weeks. There is currently no signage whatsoever at the nearby corners. Children are literally squeezing between the construction dumpster and Rte. 7 traffic. Public Works, where are you on this?
  • Cycling enforcement Acknowledged
    North Ave Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Wrong way cyclist on North Ave. Witnessed a car attempting to turn left on North Ave slam on their brakes and almost get rear ended due to a cyclist traveling the wrong way. Both traveling North. Why cant anything be done?
  • 1-53 S Union St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    The low curbs along Union have been damaged by another winter of plowing. Many are missing, plenty more are damaged and only partially attached. Flexposts are also missing and/or damaged for much of the length of Union. Some (as pictured) present an immediate danger and should be fixed or removed ASAP. Ideally this whole lane needs to be rebuilt to the original specifications because after not getting repaired last summer, there really isn't much physical protection left for people who bike in this lane.
  • 275 Flynn Ave Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    It's near impossible to cross the street here safely. With the increase in traffic on the way it really needs a crosswalk. The sidewalk already appears ready for it with the yellow textured ends. Can DPW spare a little paint?
  • North Winooski Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    I counted 7 bicycles ( and 2 skateboarders) in 15 minutes going the wrong way down this one-way street, through the stop light at North and cutting off cars. If the city is going to spend tax money painting direction of travel arrows on these lanes, then they should be enforced. Calling the police doesn't work, and I have not heard of pro-active enforcement for bicycle violations ever in this city.
  • 280 Colchester Ave Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Large pothole/sinkhole in bike lane by Hospital entrance. Real hazard to people on bikes. Also, please sweep this area as there is a large amount of debris in the roadway as can be seen in the picture. Bike lane markings are worn away in most places and are in urgent need of repainting as can be seen in the picture.
  • 455 North Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Perfectly good verge right beside.
  • Snow Plowing Archived
    05401 Burlington, VT, USA - Burlington Electric

    Days after the storm many bike lanes in the city remain unsafe and/or unridable. Please plow down to the asphalt and over to the curb before this build up becomes intractable ice sheets like last year...

    People will ride their bikes in the winter, but not if the infrastructure is not maintained...

  • Island Line Rail Trail Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Growing encampment North of Blodgett's just off bike path. Are we now waiting for another incident to occur?