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  • 917 Shadyside Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Grass is over 8 inches high and unkempt.
  • 2732 11th St Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    theres four mattress in the back yard along wiyh a lot of brush and a tree that needs to come down thank you
  • Insects Archived
    Arbor Road Southwest Marylin Ave Etc Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Don’t you guys spray Canton Ohio the city with insect pesticides or something? These insects are frickin horrible! I have to insect/bug zappers and still they are a ton of them! What ever happened to the good old days when they used to spray for insect control? These flying insects/bugs moths/ misquitos etc are retarder for some reason! Don’t the city have a way to control them? I’m trying to do it but I can’t seem to control them! And I had to pick a category so you didn’t have the correct category for this so I chose zoning because I don’t see the right category here.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    3215 11th St Sw - Canton
    03132019 - Received complaint for trash and debris. IN needed. /// DT
  • 3223 11th St Sw Canton/Stark, Ohio - Canton
    High grass, weeds and trash; Checked 7/4/13. Appears 1/2 of front mowed; none of back mowed
  • 3015 12th St Sw Canton, OH 44710, USA - Canton
    They have a car that's always is hanging out of there driveway and can't use 1100 block can't use the alley to there drivways.They have a black Chevy Tahoe and a two door f150 that blocks the line of sight, looking west from Ingram and the people that live and use this alley can't see on coming traffic. People honk because they can't see. In some cases the front end of the white f150 hangs a few feet into the entrance of Ingram. Blocking anyone that lives there and making it impossible to use that entrance.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    3015 12th St Sw Canton, OH 44710, USA - Canton
    Tenant lets diesel semi truck run for about 12 hours everyday lately. No one minds that its usually parked halfway into the yard, but he has got to stop letting it run like that. We have diesel fumes coming into our house and we have oxygen use in our home. Smells horrible and enough to give the surrounding houses a daily headache. Local truck lots are available in very close distance.
  • 1246 Shadyside Avenue Southwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The house at 1246 Shadyside sw was to be out out by bailiff a couple weeks ago when they went in the ran out. Said there was animal feces and urine everywhere it is infested with bed bugs and roaches. Mice are visible running on front porch. There is trash on porch side and behind garage it has been sitting like this for weeks.
  • 3031 11th St Sw Canton 44710, United States - Canton
    Driveway too high for street. Needs blacktop on connection from brick to drive
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2707 11th St Sw Canton 44710, United States - Canton
    furniture and other things on porch and side of house, looks terrible !!!
  • 3205 11th St Sw Canton/Stark, Ohio - Canton
    turned in 5/13;checked 7/4/13 and is Horrible; Any time frame for this; I have been reporting this for two years/needs more done;awful for other residents on street
  • 1383 Ivydale Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The house is a disaster area. Trash everywhere including a can that has been sitting at the curb for months. Broken doors, peeling paint I could go on and on. Please do something.