North Park/HollywoodPark

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Watching issues created after: 2013-07-23

Watch Area for NorthPark/Hollywood Park Neighbors

Notified About

  • 4958 N St Louis - Albany Park
    Gang related
  • Tag on Sweden Shop Acknowledged
    3302 W Foster Ave - North Park
    On side wall facing Spaulding
  • Argyle & Lawndale Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    The walkways were just replaced but there is so much debris and rough cement left that this intersection is now dangerous. What a mess. Some of the handicapped access is now in worst shape than the sideways to the streets were prior to this repair, if you can call it a repair? Will this be cleaned up before the snow falls?
  • 3674-3698 W Argyle St Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
  • 5012 North Ridgeway Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    In alley between Ridgeway & Lawndale, north of Argile. On garage.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    5001 N. Monticello Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Huge new tagging. Also, the street sign in front on the northeast corner of Monticello and Argyle
  • 4900-5000 N. Monticello Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Truck plate vehicles and Business marked vans (at least 5 a night) parking on street.
  • 3411 W Foster Ave Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    3601 N Foster. This property appears to be unoccupied and is in very poor condition. Overgrown weeds, grass, and bushes are now obstructing sidewalk and making it difficult for cars exiting the alley to see pedestrians. This is unsightly and is a hazard.
  • 3230-3262 West Argyle Street Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Garage facing Hibbard School tagged.
  • Lawndale And Argyle Chicago, IL - Albany Park
    Signs on northwest corner are bent by gangs.
  • Gang Graff Archived
    5054 N. Avers - Albany Park
    Gang graffiti on garage door, corner home
  • 3650 W. Argyle Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Gang graffiti on garage doors. Also across the street on garage kitty corner (address I 4956 N. Monticello). More gang graffiti a few blocks east of this location. All tagged early Monday, Jan. 19.