North Park/HollywoodPark

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Watching issues created after: 2013-07-23

Watch Area for NorthPark/Hollywood Park Neighbors

Notified About

  • 3411 W Foster Ave Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    3601 N Foster. This property appears to be unoccupied and is in very poor condition. Overgrown weeds, grass, and bushes are now obstructing sidewalk and making it difficult for cars exiting the alley to see pedestrians. This is unsightly and is a hazard.
  • 5001 N. Central Park Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    L K gang graffiti letters on back side of NO TRUCK signage on pole on North East Corner of intersection. Visible when walking south on the east side of the street.
  • 5001 N.Avers - Albany Park
    Street work never finished. Now sinkhole in gutter, filled with construction debris.
  • 3224 W Foster Ave Chicago, Illinois - North Park
    Gang tag on side of business, facing Sawyer.
  • 5000 N. Monticello Chicago, IL - Albany Park
    New gang graffiti in an alley where there is often competing gang activity (Argyle between Monticello and Lawndale). Please remove as soon as possible.
  • Tag on garage Acknowledged
    5005 N Lawndale Ave Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Last garage in alley
  • Gang graff Archived
    3938 W. Argyle - Albany Park
    Red, upsidedown pitchfork on real estate sign
  • 3406 W Carmen Ave Chicago, IL 60625, USA - North Park
  • 3417-3429 W Carmen Ave Chicago, IL 60625, USA - North Park
    Pink paint on brown sign.
  • 5026 North Avers Avenue Chicago, IL 60625, USA - Albany Park
    There are some potholes on this block that will swallow small cars.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    5000 North Sawyer Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    Gang tags on garage facing Hibbard School.
  • 3301-3315 West Argyle Street Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park
    LK tags on side of building.