Mount Pleasant

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Mount Pleasant, DC

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  • Park Rd And Klingle Rd Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant
    Drivers going west on Park Rd routinely run the red right-turn arrow to turn right onto Park. They seem to think the green light for going straight onto Klingle applies to them, not noticing the red right-turn arrow. It is dangerous for pedestrians crossing Park on the north side. Could we get improved signage or some traffic-calming measure here?
  • 1800 Block Of Newton St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant

    employees of the Stoddard Nursing routinely secure 2week visitor passes illegally from MPD in order to park for free, without fear of ticketing on this zoned block:

    1) white mini van - VA plates, KJF4308, has had the largest number of 2-wk visitor passes (for at least 8 months) and parks each day.

    2) Sedan, 4 door, Maryland plate - 25994C - and displays STODDARD TAG 0071

    3) late model large sedan, light brown, DC plate BF9058 - also bears a pink Stoddard visitor tag.

  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1834 Ingleside Terrace Nw Washington DC - Mount Pleasant
    Holy wow Mount Pleasant has gotten bad. Enforcement of proper trash removal and LANDSCAPING OVERGROWTH in alleys are the BIGGEST issues. Take a walk down the South side alley of Ingleside terrace and have a looksie. Be sure to wear closed toed shoes. Many of the houses that are on the North side of Newton(which also backs to this alley are these group houses(god bless them-I used to live in one myself) and people who apparently grew up in places where you just toss the bag outside without a container. These folks need an education. HELP!!!!
  • Alley Repair Acknowledged
    1726 Newton Street Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    This part of the alley floods now that they raised the sidewalk and kids from Bancroft have to walk through it. It will turn onto a sheet of ice on cold days and is hazardous. It is also doing damage to two properties.
  • 16th St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant
    I see a lot of people riding bicycles on pedestrian sidewalks in Adams Morgan, sometimes at high speeds. This poses a danger to pedestrians. I witnessed a bicycle striking an elderly pedestrian at the bus stop on 16th St a few months ago. As she fell, I saw her head strike the concrete. Despite her assurances that she was okay, she was bleeding profusely from her head and we called an ambulance to checked her out. The issue is not a lack of bike lanes. Bikers often ignore the bike lane, preferring to ride on the sidewalk. What can be done about this?
  • Insects Archived
    1723 Lamont St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant
    A large street grate covers one of the city's many underground utilities near the sidewalk. The hole, like many of the city's, is full of standing water and the water is teeming with mosquito larvae. Neighborhood efforts to wipe out mosquitoes will be useless unless the city gets on board. I'm sure this problem is not limited to this hole and this neighborhood.
  • Sign Replace Acknowledged
    3217 Mt Pleasant St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    Zipcar sign is incorrectly placed, leading to illegal ticketing and towing.
  • 1610 Park Rd Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    While waiting for the pedestrian signal, almost every weekday morning I will see 2-4 cars either block the box or outright run the red light heading south on 16th St, which causes considerable backups for the gross traffic on Park, and forces school children and other pedestrians into the traffic lane while crossing the street.
  • 1700 Kilbourne St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant

    This is the only four way crossing in Mt Pleasant that is marked as a two way stop (stop only for those traveling on 17th). It allows anyone traveling up and down Kilbourne to speed through the intersection. For those traveling on 17th, it's impossible to see the traffic on Kilbourne making this a very unsafe crossing in an otherwise quiet neighborhood w. four way stops.

    Please change as you have done everywhere else in Mt Pleasant over the past decade and make this is a four-way stop to end the confusion.

  • 1627 Hobart St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Mount Pleasant
    repair work is beginning to collapse.. becoming dangerous.
  • 3103 18th St Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    There is hardly any paint left on the mt pleasant street crossing at Kilbourne place. dangerous to cross especially as people speed (speeding being a different issue on this busy pedestrian street)
  • Street Repair Archived
    3401-3457 16th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Mount Pleasant
    There are metal plates in the street - covering a hole for repair. When large vehicles hit the plates our nearly 100 year old building shakes. This seems dangerous and very bad for the building. The plates need to be smoothed out or removed asap. They are also very bad for cars and traffic on 16th st.