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  • 9 N. Mulberry Street/11 N. Mulberry St. Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Two large, overgrown trees are located outside of 9 N. Mulberry St. and 11 N. Mulberry St. These trees have long dead branches that hang over my property and pose a threat during storms. More importantly, the roots of the tree in front of 11 N. Mulberry are causing the sidewalk and front yard to buckle, therefore, causing damage. The trees should be removed or at least trimmed so that the large branches aren't hanging over my home.
  • Idlewood Avenue And South Boulevard Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    The intersection of Idlewood Ave & S. Blvd desperately needs a left turn signal. Whether you are heading East or West on Idlewood, the traffic flow comes from 195 in both directions. 10-15 cars will breeze through a green light while those who are yielding and waiting to turn left can miss multiple light cycles. This is dangerous because frustrated drivers often turn left on red and there is a risk that the other cars heading east/west may run the red light as well. The congestion in this area could be alleviated with a left turn signal at the intersection.
  • 1200 Westover Hills Blvd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Forest View
    There is gang graffiti on the side and back of the old shoe store that needs to be removed.
  • 3700 Shore Drive Richmond, VA - Stratford Hills
    We have a large pile of Irene debris that has not been picked up. It sits between my property and my neighbor next door, right on the street.
  • Other Acknowledged
    100 West Brookland Park Boulevard - Brookland Park
    Permanent parking and street cleaning signs on wood post were removed illegally. See photo.
  • 3113 E. Broad Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    3113 . Broad Street continues to be a nuisance to the neighborhood. two months ago the owner had the front decking ripped up and then put up a piece of plywood with a no trespassing sign. This is completely ugly. the falling apart deck looked better. This appears to be an attempt by the owner to make the city think they are doing something with this house. this house has been vacant and boarded up for at least 10 years. can the city not do any thing about this house. There are plenty of people who would love to buy and do something with this house. picture attached.
  • 2907 Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - Carytown
    There has been an unsightly, uncovered hottub on the roof of the garage at 2907 Ellwood Ave for multiple years. It holds water and becomes a terrible breeding area for mosquitos during the warmer months.
  • 1254/1256 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Rug and garbage were dumped about two weeks ago. Couch joined the party a few days later. Should be removed as it is spilling into the driveway and is pretty unsanitary.
  • 4025 Chevy Chase Street Richmond, VA - Bellevue
    There is a section of sidewlak that was moved upwards from the tree that fell over during the hurricane. At least three people that I am aware of have tripped and fallen on the sidewalk as well as into the large hole left from the fallen tree being removed. This has become a very hazardous situation and needs to be taken care of immediately.
  • 2005 Idlewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park
    Because there are no trash cans on the 2000 block of Idlewood ave there is always trash left all over the street and in our yards. We need trash cans at all four corners of the block - we get a lot of traffic to/from the convenience store further down on Idlewood.
  • 2419 Maplewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park

    1/21/13 - as far as I know this has never been reviewed by the City. It would be great if someone could come take a look at it when there is a heavy rain to see the huge puddle that forms and stays in the alley for several days.

    In side alley between garages at 601 S. Davis and 2419 Maplewood, whenever it rains a large puddle of water stands for several days creating a risk for mosquitoes. Please install a drain as is in the middle of the side alley. Thank you!

  • tree removal Archived
    1802 Elmsmere Avenue richmond, VA - Rosedale
    I'd like the tree that is on City property in front of my house removed, please. It is leaning towards my house, and its branches are in the power lines. Tree is currently alive but am worried it might not survive another big storm without hitting my house. Thanks.