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  • 1828 Oberlin Ave Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    Please fix Oberlin Ave. already! I am so tired of dodging potholes EVERY DAY, and this road has destroyed my suspension. I am on my 3rd set of upper ball joints, and my 2nd set of low ball joints.... all because of this road! I live in Amherst, and our roads are NOTHING like the garbage roads in Lorain that take years to fix. Stop the patch jobs and fix it already, corrupt Lorain Gov't!!!!!!!!!
  • 1244 W 28th Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    The whole Oberlin Avenue in front of George Daniel Field is horrific.
  • What a mess!! Archived
    4335-4459 Pearl Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    Pearl Avenue from N. Ridge Road to 28th Street. They have fixed some of it. There's a huge huge hole at the end of Homewood that needs fixed. Patched just past the church, but did not finish the rest of the road.
  • West 21st St. And Leavitt Rd. Lorain, OH - Lorain
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 4102-4174 Lake Rd Sheffield Lake, OH 44054, USA - Sheffield Lake
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 938-940 N Leavitt Rd Amherst, OH 44001, USA - Amherst
    Since they put the new lights in there is always traffic jams on this road now. Sat through four lights and still had to wait for the next three lights...
  • 2246 Utica Ave Lorain, OH - Lorain
    this street is a disgrace and now double traffic come down it cause of the high school merger , buses, delivery trucks,etc.
  • 1039 Dodge Drive Amherst, OH - Amherst
    It no longer serves it's initial purpose and needs to be removed. It is causing safety issues. City services have expressed similar concerns and the issues it causes to maintain.
  • 2205-2209 E 31st St Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    The East bound lane of E.31st between Grove and Palm is terrible. There are many potholes.
  • Rt. 57 & Rt.113 , Elyria, OH 44035 USA - Elyria
    The red lights on Rt. 57 & Rt. 113 are not synchronized. You have to stop at every one, even at Furnace St. Before, if you did a little less then the speed limit, you could make most of the lights. Now its just stop, stop, stop. Not only does this waste gas but adds to air pollution!
  • 3435 G St Lorain, OH 44052, USA - Lorain
    This road is horrific from Root road all the way to Missouri! There are more holes than concrete!
  • Terrible Road Archived
    5020-5042 Clinton Ave Lorain, OH 44055, USA - Lorain
    Clinton Avenue from 42nd street to N. Ridge Road - this road is terrible