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  • Old Stone Mountain Rd. Stone Mountain, Georgia - DeKalb County
    There are several potholes all up and down Old Stone Mountain Rd. as soon as you cross over into Dekalb co. - They need to be fixed badly. I live off this road and am in a wheelchair and driving up and down the road in my van is very jarring. Please fix ASAP!
  • Huge pothole Archived
    Lilburn-Stone Mtn Rd And Old Stone Mtn Rd Dekalb, GA - DeKalb County
    Large pothole in east bound lane
  • Rim Benders! Archived
    2150 Mc Curdy Rd Tucker, GA - DeKalb County
    Every few hundred feet, Rim bending square potholes line the street as you leave the neighborhood. If a car happens to be approaching you have to slam on brakes or risk a huge hit to the rims.
  • Silver Hill Rd Stone Mountain, Georgia - DeKalb County
    There Is an area of Silver Hill Rd, especially from just north of Lilburn Stone Mountain Rd to Park Blvd. There is a very large pot hole on Lilburn Stone Mountain at Silver Hill.
  • Rosser Road Smoke Rise , GA - DeKalb County
    Lots of damage from snow, ice and down trees. Road is divided by DeKalb and Gwinnett County line. The problems are mostly on the DeKalb section of the road.
    Still a mess. Thanks Harry for the attention, but no changes so far!
    Some nifty orange paint but still a very rough ride on Rosser in DeKalb.
    2/7/2012 still no paving! Still no changes. 4/17/2012
  • 6124 Windsong Way Stone Mountain, GA - DeKalb County
    Last winter a pothole was reported. The county came out in the middle of the night and placed a large plate there. The plate is still there along with the broken up pavement and it appears the hole may be outgrowing the plate.
  • 5212-5222 Hugh Howell Road Stone Mountain, Georgia - DeKalb County
    There are more than a dozen potholes on Hugh Howell Road between Rosser Road and Mountain Creek Drive. The potholes are in both directions of travel.
  • 1921 Lilburn-Stone Mountain Rd Stone Mountain, GA - DeKalb County
    Inside Dekalb County on Lilburn-Stn Mtn Rd, between Old Stn Mtn Rd and Bowers Rd, there are several places where there are very bad gullys (drop offs) on right side next to the pavement where the shoulder has washed out due to water. These are sharpe gullys right off pavement and seem to be a foot or more deep. Someone put orange cones in one place but not others. These are on the right side of Lilburn-Stn Mtn Rd driving from Old Stn Mtn Rd to Bowers Rd. They are dangerous.
  • Lilburn-Stone Mountain Road @ Silver Hill Road Stone Mountain/DeKalb, GA - DeKalb County
    Red Light doesn't work coming down Lilburn Stone Mountain Road where it dead end into Silver Hill Road. The yellow caution lights on Silver Hill Road need replacing also.
  • Potholes Archived
    1458-1498 Lilburn-Stone Mountain Road Stone Mountain, Georgia - DeKalb County
    Several deep potholes are located on this stretch of road. Drivers must swerve into oncoming lane to miss them.
  • 2020 Hessian Ct Stone Mountain, GA 30087, USA - DeKalb County
    Two, perhaps three street lights are out on Hessian Court in Smoke Rise subdivision in DeKalb County. There are several old widowed women that live on street and it's very dark for their safety.
  • Lilburn Stone Mountain Rd & Hugh Howell Rd Stone Mountain, GA, 30087, USA - DeKalb County
    Coming from Silver Hill Road to Lilburn Stone Mtn Road & Hugh Howell Rd intersection in the morning between 7:30 & 8:30 a.m. is a nightmare in the mornings. The traffic light sequence allows for 4-5 cars to pass through when there may be as many as 10-15 sitting at the traffic light. I have sat through 3 lights some mornings. Please help get this traffic light timing corrected. I only live 2 miles from work and it takes me longer to get through this light than my total commute time!