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  • Potholes Acknowledged
    114 S Belmont Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Carytown
    Significant set of potholes on South Belmont Avenue just north of the alley between Cary Street and Parkwood Avenue.
  • 1152-1200 West 49th Street Richmond, Virginia - Forest View

    REPEAT REQUEST: This was submitted one year ago. The city stated that the existing lane markings on 49th St NB at Westover were sufficient. I maintain that they are not sufficient because the driver behavior continues. This is not a double-left turn intersection, but a significant amount of drivers treat it that way!!

    In my original request, I suggested that a thru lane marking be placed on the pavement. The city responded that the existing markings were sufficient. There is NO MARKING in the right lane to this day to make it clear that it is a thru-only lane. Only the left lane has a left turn arrow marking.

    Frequently (i'd say 25-50% of the time) when I am at this light turning left from 49th to WH Blvd, the person in the through lane turns left as well, causing near-sideswipes. Perhaps a through arrow lane marking should be installed.

  • city code Archived
    2002-2004 Southcliff Rd - Forest Hill
    2002 Southcliff has overgrown back yard! 2004 Southcliff does NOT maintain the shrubs on publc rt-of-way. Bushes extend weel past 12"... my car gets scratched & I'm tired of paying to gets shrubs clipped myself
  • Other Archived
    Carytown Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    The graffiti in Carytown is OUT OF CONTROL! It is on buildings, garages, telephone poles, signs...EVERYWHERE! Something has to be done about removal. As guests visit, they're going to see this as a blight-ridden area and business is going to decline. Business owners and The City of Richmond need to be vigilant in removing it and keep Carytown clean!
  • Other Archived
    1501 Grove Avenue Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Tree Well on Plum Street needs expanding; hazardous sidewalk. Please address this sidewalk issue. If possible, assuming street tree will remain, please match tree well to style of well beside 1432 Floyd (abt 101 N Plum). Thanks!
  • 1 Swan Lake Dr Richmond, VA - Byrd Park
    Weeds and grass knee-high all around Byrd Park. This is a beautiful park that has long gone unmaintained. The lake is also full of trash.
  • 104 S Shepaprd St Richmond, VA - Carytown
    Recently I have reported quite a few incidences of graffiti throughout Carytown. This case is on the side of this building facing the alley. Given the number of incidences of graffiti in Carytown -- arguably one of Richmond's most visible areas -- I'm going to ask that someone form the city take a few minutes and simply drive around the Carytown area and really address this issue; there are quite a few cases of graffiti that are still unreported.
  • 1012-1014 W Franklin St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    there are huge rats living in this abandoned building. it has been vacant for years because the owner refuses to be responsible for maintenance.
  • Grafitti Archived
    12n Sheppard Richmond, VA, VA - The Museum District
    There have been a number of post concerning graffiti in Carytown. I saw the little devils. To small guys, each on a small 50C scooter, one in a black T shirt with a white cross on back, wearing black or red helmets. Just started to paint on store wall on Belmont adjacent to alley before running off across Belmont and up alley. Obvious gang members marking territory. Hope it helps
  • 2601 Hanover Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan

    A homeowner on this block has planted several 5 feet Pear Trees in the tree wells of this block on the south side of Hanover Ave and the adjacent block of North Mulbery.

    These trees are not approved by the city Arborist. All homeowners are required to submit a tree application via the city. As these trees mature, they will drop "pears" on parked vehicles and will require above average maintenance.

  • 18 South Colonial Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    There is a paved alley that runs on the North side of the Carytown parking garage located between Sheppard and Colonial, bounded by Ellwood and West Cary St. Houses back onto this alley, and due to the fact that the alley is paved, cars frequently speed down that alley, causing a hazard to residents who are in the alley to put out trash, etc. I would like to request some sort of speed deterrent, like speed bumps, to be put in the alley to remediate this dangerous situation.
  • HUGE POTHOLE Archived
    13 North Thompson Street Richmond, VA - Carytown
    Northbound N. Thompson Street, between Floyd and Grove, right hand lane. HUGE POTHOLE. Like 8" deep. I'm not even concerned about my alignment, I'm concerned about someone's car getting swallowed in the earth.