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  • Meadow & Main Streets Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The street sign on the SW corner of Meadow & Main streets is badly bent and twisted
  • Potholes Archived
    Mary Munford Richmond, VA - Mary Munford
    This alley gets so much traffic from the church/school it forms potholes a week after it is repaired. It should really be a paved street or repaired ever other week. E Lock Lane and between Cary and Grove.
  • 2911 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    The alley that runs between N Sheppard St and N Colonial Ave between Floyd Ave & Ellwood Ave is riddled with potholes, making it extremely difficult to drive down. In addition, about midway down the alley, there is a huge pile of tree limbs and discarded wood pieces.
  • Longview Drive Richmond, VA - Stratford Hills
    The traffic on Longview Drive travels at excessive speeds for a neighborhood. I realize it is the main street to get to Pony Pasture, however, people drive way too fast down this road. My request is to have either more police patrol for speeding cars or the long term solution would be to install speed humps all along Longview Drive as I've see on other streets. This is essential as people live in this neighborhood and take walks in the area where there are no sidewalks. Cars need to be slowed down.
  • 3319 Hanover Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Request for maintenance of the alley behind my home at 3319 Hanover Ave. As you'll see in the attached photos, very large potholes have developed and need to be filled.
  • 2024 W. Cary St Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The house at 2024 W. Cary is an eyesore. It's been boarded up for years. It's covered in graffiti. It looks ready to collapse. It's really out of place in the neighborhood. It probably needs to be fixed or condemned; hard to believe it can remain ins such neglect on West Cary as the city is hoping to upgrade that stretch.
  • Thompson And Floyd Richmond, VA - Carytown
    The South East corner of Thompson and Floyd (separated from the Post Office by a parking lot) has become a junk yard with trash, old cars, bicycles, death plants and furniture in the yard. It is a total eye sore and needs to be cleaned up. I have reported the situation to the city several times, but nothing is done.
  • 18 South Colonial Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    There is a paved alley that runs on the North side of the Carytown parking garage located between Sheppard and Colonial, bounded by Ellwood and West Cary St. Houses back onto this alley, and due to the fact that the alley is paved, cars frequently speed down that alley, causing a hazard to residents who are in the alley to put out trash, etc. I would like to request some sort of speed deterrent, like speed bumps, to be put in the alley to remediate this dangerous situation.
  • 2601 Hanover Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan

    A homeowner on this block has planted several 5 feet Pear Trees in the tree wells of this block on the south side of Hanover Ave and the adjacent block of North Mulbery.

    These trees are not approved by the city Arborist. All homeowners are required to submit a tree application via the city. As these trees mature, they will drop "pears" on parked vehicles and will require above average maintenance.

  • HUGE POTHOLE Archived
    13 North Thompson Street Richmond, VA - Carytown
    Northbound N. Thompson Street, between Floyd and Grove, right hand lane. HUGE POTHOLE. Like 8" deep. I'm not even concerned about my alignment, I'm concerned about someone's car getting swallowed in the earth.
  • 1807 Texas Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Maymont
    Overgrown lot. Weeds, trash, debris. Illegal skate park.
  • 3200 Block Of Ellwood Ave. Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Recycling was picked up yesterday and bins remain out. Garbage has also been there for weeks with out removal.