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  • Thompson And Floyd Richmond, VA - Carytown
    The South East corner of Thompson and Floyd (separated from the Post Office by a parking lot) has become a junk yard with trash, old cars, bicycles, death plants and furniture in the yard. It is a total eye sore and needs to be cleaned up. I have reported the situation to the city several times, but nothing is done.
  • 2911 Floyd Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    The alley that runs between N Sheppard St and N Colonial Ave between Floyd Ave & Ellwood Ave is riddled with potholes, making it extremely difficult to drive down. In addition, about midway down the alley, there is a huge pile of tree limbs and discarded wood pieces.
  • 2601 Hanover Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan

    A homeowner on this block has planted several 5 feet Pear Trees in the tree wells of this block on the south side of Hanover Ave and the adjacent block of North Mulbery.

    These trees are not approved by the city Arborist. All homeowners are required to submit a tree application via the city. As these trees mature, they will drop "pears" on parked vehicles and will require above average maintenance.

  • HUGE POTHOLE Archived
    13 North Thompson Street Richmond, VA - Carytown
    Northbound N. Thompson Street, between Floyd and Grove, right hand lane. HUGE POTHOLE. Like 8" deep. I'm not even concerned about my alignment, I'm concerned about someone's car getting swallowed in the earth.
  • Eyesore Archived
    2201 Parkwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    This garden has been in place for well over two years. During this time it has been a regular hangout for drug users and vagrants.(that means homeless person) before this eyesore was installed this city lot was a well maintained grassy area useful to all local residents. Since the inception of his community garden local real estate has suffered. The people running this "garden" do not live nearby and therefore care very little about the upkeep; as well as the surrounding neighborhood. The park before the garden was a valuable asset enjoyed by many. Please enforce city code and remove this dump from our neighborhood.
  • Meadow & Main Streets Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The street sign on the SW corner of Meadow & Main streets is badly bent and twisted
  • Longview Drive Richmond, VA - Stratford Hills
    The traffic on Longview Drive travels at excessive speeds for a neighborhood. I realize it is the main street to get to Pony Pasture, however, people drive way too fast down this road. My request is to have either more police patrol for speeding cars or the long term solution would be to install speed humps all along Longview Drive as I've see on other streets. This is essential as people live in this neighborhood and take walks in the area where there are no sidewalks. Cars need to be slowed down.
  • 3301 Floyd Avenue Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Excessive speeding on Floyd Ave between the traffic light at Nansemond and the traffic light at Belmont is causing many vehicles to disregard the 4 way stop sign at Floyd and Dooley. This is a major safety concern for residents in the area as well as pedestrians. Additional police presence or installation of cameras or stop lights would be helpful.
  • Alleys Between 3400 Blocks Of Grove And Floyd Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Please fix potholes in alleys between 3400 blocks of Floyd and Grove
  • Other Archived
    2418 Maplewood Avenue Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park
    City code section 86-44 violation. These cans remain on sidewalk. They never move them. This is my second report on this issue. They have been out on the walk 2 weeks since my last report. Do u plan on correcting this violation? This is on the 2500 block if Maplewood Ave.
  • 3200 Block Of Ellwood Ave. Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    Recycling was picked up yesterday and bins remain out. Garbage has also been there for weeks with out removal.
  • Corner Of Stonewall And 28th Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    This has spread to the point where it is leaning into the street and blocking the right of way. This is the land owners responsibility, not the city, this land owner willfully neglects this lot at taxpayer expense. Why do I have to maintain my vacant lot and he doesn't? Please send him a bill for any work the city does on his behalf. This is an old photo and it's current state is far worse.