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  • Alley Repair Archived
    17 South Sheppard Street Richmond, VA - Carytown
    Massive car grinding, water pooling potholes have appeared in this alley used by many visitors to Carytown. Massive potholes in alley near access to parking deck.
  • 3004 Monument Ave richmond, va - The Museum District
    The alley between the 3000 blocks of Monument and Grace needs help. There are giant holes everywhere, including the entrances at either end.
  • 3563 West Cary Street Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Carytown
    This property is the gateway to Carytown and it appears to be the responsibility of the city to maintain. It is also consistently in violation of city code due to the overgrowth. The weeds are currently over 3' high. This is a terrible way to welcome visitors to the City's most popular retail corridor.
  • Other Archived
    1504-1506 Floyd Avenue Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Water meter in front of 1508 Floyd Ave is leaking profusely.
  • 3001 W Grace St Richmond, VA 23221, USA - The Museum District
    This intersection really needs a four way stop sign. This is due to illegal parking and people running the stop sign on Wayne st. It's getting worse every year and is scary to cross here, walking or driving.
  • 3118 Park Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    The alley behind 3118 Park Avenue (between Park Ave and Franklin St) has massive potholes. I'm wondering how vehicles have not been damaged yet! The potholes are everywhere, and are continuous through the alley way starting at Cleveland St. and eastward to N Belmont Ave. Many people park behind their apartments and have to use this alley. It is completely destroyed! Any and all help and maintenance is greatly appreciated!
  • Other Acknowledged
    2710 West Cary Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Entire brick sidewalk gas been torn up and bricks removed. Not passable at all if in a wheelchair. Please repair immediately. In a heavy pedestrian traffic area along W. Cary street at the Boulevard near Carytown.
  • Sewage smell Archived
    19 North Belmont Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    There is a distinct smell of sewage at the corner of Floyd and Belmont. Please investigate -- thanks!
  • 11 N. Mulberry Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    Hello there is toilet left out by the trash cans in the alley to the left of my house if facing that needs to be picked up by 11 N. Mulberry Street. The owner of the apartment building continually just leaves all of his trash out in the trash cans that is not standard trash when repairing the building. Also across the street to the right of 12 N. Mulberry there are two trash cans repeatedly left on the street creating extra trash in the street. I have been advised tenants should not continually leave trash cans on the sidewalk, yet they are always left there and no one addresses such.Trash cans are repeatedly left on the street up and down mulberry street between floyd and main. Attention to these matters is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • Potholes Archived
    3300 Grove Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    report potholes in the alley in the 3300-3400 block of Grove and Floyd Ave
  • Grove And Thompson Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    The intersection of Grove Ave. and Thompson REALLY needs a left-turn signal. I sat through 3 series of lights trying to turn left yesterday. In the time that I was there, I also witnessed a traffic accident. It is a very busy and dangerous intersection. It will only get worse with the new Carytown shopping area. Please address this soon!!
  • 2101 Floyd Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan
    There's graffiti on the sidewalk near the corner of Floyd and Rowland next to 2101 Floyd Ave.