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  • 410 Woodward Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Annex
    The trees in East Shore Park are in DESPERATE need of being cleaned of invasive and native species of vine which are growing well into the canopy of many of the trees. I would easily say that 95% of the trees inside the park along the areas of unmown lawn especially are affected. As well, two trees have been girdled by vandalism, with many more being girdled by invasives such as bittersweet. I understand the financial crisis of the city and the Park Departments decision to let the lawn go wild for the last two seasons prior to this one, but in doing this, invasives have come in and are scaffolding up most of the trees. This situation is approaching dire.
  • Woodward Avenue East Shore New Haven Ct 06512 - East Shore
    There are NO sidewalks on Woodward Avenue leading to Hannah's Dream, baseball fields & East Shore Park. There is a lot of construction here, why can't these kids get sidewalks to utilize the million dollar projects here?? It's as unsafe as those round a bouts!! UGH! Please help the kids of New Haven be able to use these wonderful parks. THey do no service to the community if the children from local schools & daycares can't access them safely. It's impossiable to walk thru the swampgrass without knee high boots on! The construction trucks have been there daily for a year-throw in some sidewalks!
  • 709 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT - East Shore

    Reckless, noisy clowns on Quads/ATV's (along with snowmobile's in the winter) have also been riding illegally, plaguing the East Shore section of New Haven for years. Blasting up & down Townsend Ave, tearing up Black Rock Fort area etc.

    Advance warning for NHPD; they go crazy, blaring past the Townsend mansion just about EVERY evening after a snow storm, zig zagging & sliding across the centerline towards oncoming traffic, dangerously passing and cutting off cars etc.

    We want these uninsured deadly missiles stopped!

  • 2-46 Hervey St New Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Shore
    Cars are flying through the stop sign at the corner of Hervey and Kneeland and I don't think they realize that its only a two way stop sign. There is going to be a major accident there one day. There are lots of kids that play outside and people walking their dogs.
  • 820 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT 06512 - East Shore
    Cars on Townsend speed all day and night long, as do SCHOOL BUSES and CT TRANSIT
  • SNOWED IN Archived
    Hervey Street At Kneeland New Haven, CT - East Shore
    This area has not been plowed, since BEFORE THE STORM. Then nothing for 2 DAYS. This is unacceptable. It stopped snowing Saturday around 8am and it is Sunday 1pm and we are still snowed in with no sign of street plows. My kids need to go to school tomorrow, how long is this going to take???
  • 450 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Shore
    Cars, trucks and busses NEVER yield to pedestrians in crosswalk. What makes it even more dangerous is when one side of traffic stops and the other doesn't. A large "YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS" sign is urgently needed IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Having a crossing guard during school hours IS NOT ENOUGH. Townsend Ave has become a speedway.
  • Woodward Ave new haven , Connecticut - Annex

    The dog park has been vandalized. Someone stole the picnic table that was in the larger ring and they destroyed the fence in the process (see photos). Now dogs can get out because the fence has collapsed.

    Also, there appears to be a pole missing, or a large gap in the doorways of both large and small dog parks that are used to bring in the lawn mowers. For the small dog park, it's large enough that the small dogs <10lbs can get through and escape.

    Also, there are very large holes in the ground in the large dog park as if someone or something has been digging.

  • 486 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT 06512 - East Shore
    Cars ignore the crosswalk
  • East Shore Park New Haven, CT - East Shore
    There is an unused parking lot/section of East Shore Park behind the basketball courts that would be ideal for a skatepark. Edgewood shouldn't be the only go-to park in the city for kids who skateboard or ride BMX's. It's a perfect location for this, and the city should see if they can get someone to underwrite it. If Westville can have one, East Shore Park--which is used by thousands of people every day for baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, bike-riding, walking and running--should, too.
  • 119 Fort Hale Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    We really need to have a 4 way stop sign on the corner of Hervey and Kneeland. It is becoming very dangerous. At least once a month a car goes through the stop sign on Hervey thinking that I have a stop sign coming from Kneeland. I don't. I once had to swerve off the road to avoid a car. Every corner on Kneeland has a stop sign accept this corner. Please don't wait until someone seriously gets injured to enforce this.
  • 445-479 Highway 337 New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore


    According to Chuck Harlow’s office at The State Department of Transportation, The City of New Haven was approved to install a flashing yellow light in front of Nathan Hale School that turned red when a pedestrian wanted to cross. This was conditional that the City of New Haven pay for the price of the construction.

    Charles Harlow (860) 594-2710 or (203) 594-2788

    Jim Travers Director of The New Haven Department of Transportation, Traffic, and Parking would be the person to contact if you would like to see this project pushed forward.

    Jim Travers (203) 946-8067

    If you are interested in speeding up the process of a safer, pedestrian friendly Townsend Avenue for our children, please make a call to the State of Ct via Chuck Harlow or The City of New Haven via Jim Travers! Thank you in advance!