Southwest Waterfront

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  • 937-973 4th St Sw Washington, District of Columbia - South West
    It's that time of day again! 3 cars.
  • 4th & N Streets Sw Washington, DC - South West
    The speed at which drivers go on 4th Street SW between M & P is excessive. Drivers regularly run the light at 4th & N when it turns red and pedestrians are disregarded in the marked crosswalks with no lights. Lots of elderly and children in the area, which makes this even a worse problem.
  • I St Sw At S. Capitol St Sw Washington D.C., DC - South West
    Signs at the corner of I St SW and S Capitol St SW direct eastbound drivers that the right lane must turn right and the left lane must go straight. In reality, the left lane turns left and goes straight through the intersection and the right lane turns right and goes straight through the intersection. As the sign is posted currently, I see private cars and police cars violate the lane rules daily.
  • 240 M St Sw Washington, DC - South West

    I am a resident of Ward 6 (specifically, 6D07). There is an inordinate amount of extremely violent crimes occuring here that is ripping the community apart and causing people to arm themselves in self defense. This despite a very large police district station nearby, which is pretty much ineffective. It seems to do little, if anything, to address (let alone prevent), this outbreak of crime.

    There is supposed to be a huge redevelopment in this area, yet it is so dangerous here that nobody wants to walk the streets at night. Please help.

  • Southwest Fwy Washington, DC - South West
    Either a yield, merge, or some type of flashing light should be placed here as there is no warning that the right lane on the inbound ramp merges directly into the left lane of the SW Frwy. Both lanes are moving at high speeds and if you are not familiar with the area, you would (understandably) not expect a merge. I have seen cars slam on their brakes and/or nearly avoid accidents here several times. The design of the merges on the SW Frwy is terrible and not easy to fix, but placing proper signage should be easy, relatively inexpensive, and improve safety tremendously.
  • Southwest Freeway And 4th Street SW , Washington, D.C. - South West
    The sign on the Southwest Freeway is crystal clear: If you want to take Exit 6 to the U.S. Capitol get in the second lane from the left. There's only one little problem: If you actually want to take this exit you need to be in the second lane from the RIGHT and you need to get there fast.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1101 4th St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    Cars standing in bike lane at Safeway. 4&M SW. This happens often
  • 4th And M St Sw Washington, DC - South West
    See issue above.
  • 4th & I Street Sw Washington, DC - South West
    Intersection needs a left signal and/or sign due to 4th Street SW now has ability to keep straight as well as the new DC govt buildings. Residents are constantly waiting to turn and only 1 vehicle is able to properly go through without trying to not hit a pedestrian. Oncoming traffic is barely seen when this happens but area was overlooked during the planning of the increased building for DC govt.
  • Bicycles Archived
    M St Sw And 4th St Sw - South West
    The corridor between M and L on 4th St SW is the most cluttered obstacle course for bikes. At almost any given point in the day there are cars double parked in the bike lanes, emergency vehicles, people making uturns in the middle of the block, pedestrians crossing not at crossing sections, and nothing is done about it. I have had to avoid doors opening, go into other lanes on just get thru. Would like to see better enforcement in the area to make sure the bike lanes are always clear.
  • 827 7th St Sw Washington D.C., DC - South West
    Frequently during the morning rush hour, Cars traveling in the southbound lanes of 7th Street SW will stop at the 'Eye' Street intersection when the traffic signal is red, but will then creep forward and proceed through the intersection while the light is red.
  • 500-598 K St Sw Washington, DC - South West
    A lot of pedestrians cross here and have to dodge speeding cars because there is no stop sign for the 6th St SW traffic. Make this an all-way stop and that would help calm traffic and increase pedestrian safety.