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  • 2200 Newton Street Ne Washington D.C., DC - Catholic University-Brookland

    The intersection of Newton and South Dakota Ave NE is dangerous. Newton Street traffic is guided by two stop signs, augmented by a confusing sign reading, “Westbound South Dakota Ave traffic does not stop.” Eastbound traffic on South Dakota is guided by a traffic light that alternates between flashing yellow and red. And Westbound traffic faces a light that is perpetually green.

    The problems with this set up are numerous. First, drivers new to the area may not understand the warning below the stop sign; seeing the cross traffic light turn red, they pull into the intersection, only to be struck by westbound traffic. Second, vehicles turning south off of South Dakota wait for the light to turn red, not realizing that the west signal will never turn, and they are unable to see when the east-bound traffic is stopped by a red light, leaving the driver to guess when it is safe to turn. All of this confusion - added to the frequent speeding on South Dakota, means frequent accidents and daily near-misses.

    Most of all, this is an easy fix - install a regular traffic light, where all lights rotate through red, yellow, and green - No ambiguous warning signs, no flashing lights.

    Please fix this intersection before someone is seriously hurt.

  • 701 Kentucky Avenue Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Stadium-Armory
    Vehicles traveling east on Potomac Ave SE continually run the red light at Kentucky Ave SE. Often 2 or 3 cars will go through the light after it has already turned red. Unsafe for pedestrians walking north and south on Kentucky Ave SE, and for cars heading north on Kentucky Ave once the light turns green. This is a particular problem during the morning and afternoon/evening rush hours.
  • Ward Circle Washington, DC - Au-Tenleytown
    People in the inner lane of Ward Circle constantly make turns trying to get to the outer lanes even though there are signs saying "No Turns." They usually sit waiting for the oncoming traffic to stop so they can continue on their way. This is dangerous and police should be sitting nearby to catch these people turning illegally.
  • 212 Constitution Ave Nw Washington, DC 20004 - Downtown

    When going northbound in the I-395 tunnel, the Mass Ave exit splits off before you can read the highway signs telling you about the exit.

    They're mounted too high and too far off.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerves from drivers inadvertently heading towards NY Ave.

    Note: map is totally wrong

  • Bicycles Archived
    1301-1399 5th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    1309 5th st NW. Speed hump extend into bike lane. This is a real hazard after dark as the street is not light. There are two such humps in this block.
  • 2500 Georgia Ave Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Columbia Heights
    Neither one of the two diving boards at Banneker pool are working.
    Pool management said they don't have any idea when the diving boards will be fixed.
  • 900 Through 400 Block Of G Street NE 20002, Washington D.C., DC - Golden Triangle Improvement District
    I live on the 700 block of G Street, NE. Every morning commuters turn off of H Street, NE onto G to avoid traffic and speed through residential streets. There's an elementary school at the corner of 7th & G Street & the commuters speed through this area at the risk of hitting children. It's very dangerous in the mornings. -There needs to be speed humps erected from 10th & G. to 6th & G. in order to protect the children walking to school in this area & slow the commuters down. They don't make concessions to the fact they've turned off of H into a residential area where the speed is considerably slower.
  • 100 New York Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    The traffic Flow at Florida and NY Ave intersection is just terrible. Long long delays. One if the worst intersections in the city. When will this intersection be redesigned to fix the problem?
  • 131-199 R St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    Pedestrians cross Florida Avenue NW at R with only use of a crosswalk. There is no light or stop sign for the Florida Ave traffic. I often feel unsafe crossing the street because traffic on Florida is so heavy and coming at a quick pace. I think additional traffic safety devices would help tremendously. There is a DPR park on that corner, so kids cross the street often. Additionally, people walk their dogs in the grassy park across the street.
  • 1435 N St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle

    The drug activity being sold out of 1425 N St NW "James Apartments" has now spilled out onto the 1400 Block of N St. NW.
    The drug dealers out of "James Apartments" are now selling their drugs out of the hallway of the apartment building next door (1435 N St NW- "Truman House").

    Potential drug customers are loitering in front of "Truman House" day and night waiting for the dealer to come out of "James Apartments" and they are entering threw the always open 2 front doors of "Truman House" and transacting drug sales in the hallway. The dealer then goes back inside "James Apartments" and the buyer often lingers on the steps of "Truman House" smoking their purchased drugs.

    This is happening daily now, both day and night. They have found an "off the street" location to sell drugs and it has now reached a serious level.

    The drug dealers out of "James Apartments" aren't going anywhere as they have been there for years but if "Truman House" would lock their front entrance doors the activity would stop on the sidewalk.

    PLEASE, if you see this activity call the police. If we ignore this activity it will grow into more severe activity such as theft, robbery and violence.

    "Truman House" is managed by: Urbane Results and their office is inside "Truman House"- PLEASE ask them to lock their front doors.

  • Speeding Archived
    Tennessee Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002 - Capitol Hill
    Tennessee is five blocks long, and there are three public schools on it. The speed limit is ignored, and a child will get hit soon if no enforcement is done!
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    617 Malcolm X Ave Se Washington, DC 20032, USA - Anacostia
    The junk man keeps collecting junk and piles it on the curb and fence. Not the best welcome to the neighborhood