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South Arlington

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  • 2900 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington Heights
    The crosswalk button has broken off at the intersection of Columbia Pike and South Walter Reed Drive in front of Rite Aid
  • 1701 13th St S Arlington Va 22204 United States - Arlington View
    A commercial vehicle with Texas tags appears to have been abandoned in our neighborhood. It’s been parked and hasn’t moved for several weeks.
  • 2900 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington Heights
    the Arlington Drafthouse sign is broken.
  • Seminary Rd & Rt 395 Alexandria, VA 22311, USA - Bailey's Crossroads
    The Repair work signs for the work being done around Mark Center are confusing. When you travel westbound on Seminary Rd, you see a sign before crossing over 395 that tells you to merge left because the right lane is closed. If you do that, you wind up in the left turn only lans for Beauregard. If you stayed in that right lane, it becomes the middle lane which is the only through lane remaining open. The sign needs to be moved to over the bridge where you can see a far right lane is being added, so that it makes sense. It should not tell that lane to merge but to stay put.
  • S Washington Blvd & Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights

    The light at the intersection of Columbia Pike and the exit from Washington Blvd SB, which already has a long wait time for traffic coming from the exit, sometimes skips green cycles — this can be seen when the pedestrian signal will count down to red and then turn green again.

    If the light is triggered by the presence of a car, then it seems that it skips cycles when a motorcycle is present at the intersection.

    Additionally, if the light is triggered by cars, then why the long wait cycle? It seems that one or the other would be sufficient, not a combination of both.

  • S Washington Blvd & 2nd St S Arlington, VA 22211, USA - Arlington
    Streetlights on the ramp from S Washington Blvd to S 2nd St are not working
  • Spring Lane And Robinwood Lane Bailey's Crossroads, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    Residential street parking is right up to the edge of parking lot exits and street corners. When exiting my Spring Lane condo parking or turning left from Robinwood onto Spring you cannot see around parked cars for on-coming traffic. Need some parking enforcement to open up sight lines.
  • 4000 Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA - Alcova Heights
    Tunnel's lights are constantly out. The biggest safety concern there is no visibility of who is in the tunnel when utilizing it from the east bound lane (NFATC side). There is a 90 degree turn and impossible to see. Solution: It would be helpful to have a convex mirror installed so you can see what is around the corner before entering. A homeless man lives in the tunnel, but I have also seen group of young men urinating in the tunnel or "tagging". Should an incident take place in this tunnel there is no way to sound for help (cars passing ahead make too much noise) best thing is to install mirror so people can make a decision to utilize the tunnel or not (better solution install "blue light" type system which will notify police.)
  • 5396 5518 Virginia 7 Bailey'S Crossroads, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    There is a traffic signal on route 7, between S. Jefferson and Gorham streets. When on the westbound lanes, trying to turn left into the Skyline Towers parking garage, the left green arrow no longer activates.
  • Intersection Of 50 And Glebe Washington D.C., DC - Arlington Heights
    Westbound 50 has typical back ups but over the past few weeks there have been unusual back ups starting near glebe that flow through the series of 3 streetlights that follow. It appears to be a street light timing issue as the road ahead clears to its usual flow after the third light but it is stopped up prior to. It seems as though the light duration or sequencing changed. There really seems to be no other explanation for the rather unusual back ups and they are consistent daily at this point.
  • Virginia 120 Arlington, VA - Alcova Heights
    Some sort of work is going on out on Glebe Road and has been since at least 5:00. The surrounding apartments have no water. No warning was given to residents. Nothing available about it on the Arlington website, twitter, or in the Post. Would like to use the restroom.
  • S Wakefield St Arlington, VA - Barcroft
    Road patch heading south on S. Wakefield St. crossing Columbia pike is too low and jarring to drive over. Has been like this for months.