Arlington County

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South Arlington

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  • Columbia Pike Arlington, VA - Foxcroft Heights
    There are 2 lanes for eastbound Columbia Pike that can exit onto S Washington Blvd. between 6 - 9am weekdays. The far right lane MUST veer right, while the left lane may veer right or continue on Columbia Pike. The danger comes into play with drivers in the right lane proceeding straight, running the risk of slamming into a car in the left lane that wants to veer right. The need to be in the left lane while veering right is because you then need to merge left onto S Washington Blvd. in order to continue on to northbound 395. I can't tell you how many near misses I've had, one by an Arlington County Government vehicle, that was in the right lane on Columbia Pike and didn't veer right. I've seen police many times, but it seems like an easy spot to write tickets and generate income for the county. What about doing something to address safety??
  • power outage Archived
    5012 9th St South arlington, va - Columbia Heights West
    no power in entire area
  • 1209 S.Thomas.St arlington, Virginia - Barcroft
    tree fell down and the power outages was the worse thing in them all the neighborhood did,t paid taxes and we lost power but some apartments they paid more and they did,t lost power
  • Orme St Arlington, VA - Foxcroft Heights
    The new traffic light is a wonderful addition to my neighborhood. Thank you. Now a new issue. The no right on red sign is too far away from the intersection and cars just don't see it. So when I try to cross the street I have south orme cars attempting to run me over. please fix this issue.
  • Needs Plow Archived
    South Thomas Street Arlington, VA - Douglas Park
  • 2605-2897 9th St S Arlington, Virginia - Penrose
  • 2900-3034 11th St S Arlington, Virginia - Douglas Park
    It's hard to see the pedestrian walk signal from across the street in front of the World Gym.
  • 2800-2820 Columbia Pike Arlington, Virginia - Penrose
    It's completely dark.
  • 5205-5313 Leesburg Pike Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041, USA - Bailey's Crossroads
    The traffic light for folks traveling westbound on route 7, far left lane, is facing north towards the shopping center. Not a huge deal for those continuing on route 7, but for drivers turning left, you can't see when you have the green arrow.
  • 966-998 S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, Virginia - Arlington Heights
    The computer monitor that shows the bus arrival times at bus stop #6000242 (AKA the million dollar bus stop ) is not working.
  • 2020-2060 2nd Street South Arlington, Virginia - Arlington
    It's in the middle of the bridge on the right side of the road going from Court house road to the Hatfield gate. Seriously, it's a crater that needs fixing ASAP.
  • 927-999 S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, Virginia - Arlington Heights
    The screen with the bus arrival times at bus stop #6000242 (AKA the million dollar bus stop ) is not working again.