Arlington County

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South Arlington

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  • 2820-2898 Columbia Pike Arlington, Virginia - Arlington Heights
    The screen at bus stop #6000242 froze at 6:36 pm yesterday, so the current bus arrival times are not available.
  • 1735 15th St S Arlington, VA, 22204, USA - Arlington View
    Light is out AGAIN.
    1735 15th St S., off of 1429 S Rolfe St by Army Navy Golf Course
  • S Washington Blvd & Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights
    The lights are mistimed at Columbia Pike and South Orme St. When coming off of Washington Blvd to the light at this intersection, only three cars are able to make the left onto westbound Columbia Pike. This wasn't always the case. Before this week, more cars were able to get through the green light. This may also require a look at the traffic light timing at Columbia Pike and the Freedmans Bridge, as that is most likely causing the backup on Columbia Pike that prevents cars coming off of Washington Blvd to turn left even when they have a green light.
  • 3473-3483 Carlin Springs Rd Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
  • 3443 Carlin Springs Rd Falls Church, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
  • 754 S Jefferson St. Arlington, Virginia - Columbia Heights West
    The snow has piled high in driveway and walk to the door piled high on other side preventing opening either door
  • 4652 3rd Street South Arlington, Virginia - Barcroft
    front stoop, walk, side walk, drive way behind car and a path to back door. Please.
  • 1024 S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, Virginia - Arlington Heights
    The screen at the million dollar bus stop (bus stop #6000242) is broken.
  • 1515 Va-244 Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights
    Timing of traffic signals along Columbia Pike between S. Orme St and S. Queen St is problematic during rush hour. Traffic is so backed up at this intersection that it often takes upward of 8 cycles to turn left onto Columbia Pike from the 395 S/Washington Blvd exit. Please fix!
  • 5th St S And S Jefferson St Arlington, Virginia - Glencarlyn
    There are potholes and large, dangerous, unfilled boreholes both in the approximate middle of the intersection AND a row of boreholes south of the intersection on the west side of S. Jefferson -- 7 of them. My wife almost refractured her ankle accidentally stepping on a borehole. I reported this via Arlington County's system over 2 months ago and nothing has been done. Very frustrating.
  • 5024 12th St South Arlington Va 22204 - Columbia Forest
    Contenuto bloccato da rifiuti.
  • 1700 12th St S Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington View
    Overgrown lot and eyesore attracting various (unwanted) fauna. A number of the entrances to the abandoned and falling down house appear to either fallen down or have been pried open for access. Please have the owner address this issue.