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South Arlington

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  • 5098 Dawes Avenue Alexandria, Virginia - Bailey's Crossroads
    George Mason and Beauregard/Walter Reed are the only routes to move between the trails systems of Doctors Branch, WO&D,4 mile Run and Holmes Run.
    The current bike lanes, paths and sharrows are disjointed and abruptly end.
    On George Mason a parking separated bike lane in each direction on the 1100 to 3600 blocks would narrow the roadway and slow down speeding drivers.
    Dawes avenue could readjusted to give some space back to bikes and the Walter Reed trail and George Mason lanes could funnel into that to keep bikes of the high speed arterials of Beauregard and Seminary.
    Tying together the trail systems of Holmes Run with Wo&D/4 mile run greatly increases the utility of the whole network.
  • 1582-1586 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights
    This crosswalk across Columbia Pike is a hazard to any one using it. The Pike has turned into a speedway and no one even brakes for people on foot. I stopped to let an elderly lady cross and a yahoo passed me and almost hit her. needs a light and enforcement
  • South Washington Boulevard Arlington, Virginia - Arlington
    A temporary electronic message sign was put up just before the exit for Fort Myer warning about delays due to a full honors funeral in progress. It's been about 7 or 8 weeks now and the sign is still there and still displaying the message. Should have been removed by now.
  • 1000-1032 S Edgewood St Arlington, Virginia - Columbia Heghts
    The screen is out at the million dollar bus stop (bus stop #6000242).
  • S Wakefield St Arlington, VA - Barcroft
    Road patch heading south on S. Wakefield St. across Columbia Pike is too low and jarring to drive over. Please raise it to be level with the road.
  • S Walter Reed Dr Arlington, VA - Penrose
    Cars merge from Arlington Blvd and Walter Reed dr. on to Wash. Blvd at the same place There are lots of No-Merge signs, but traffic is too fast there in the morning for persons trying to get on from Walter Reed Dr. after a stop sign. Many accidents. I'd recommend restricting Wash Blvd to one lane after the bridge, and adding a light only for the Arlington blvd merge lane to allow the persons from WW Dr. to get on the highway without risking their lives.
  • 3318 Ardley Ct Falls Church, Va - Bailey's Crossroads
    The burned out lights make it hard to park at night. Thanks do much for giving this your attention.
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 1735 S. 15th St Arlington, Virginia - Arlington View
    Lamp post out in front of building 1735 S 15th st
  • 2820-2898 Columbia Pike Arlington, Virginia - Penrose
    The bus arrival screen at the million dollar bus stop (#6000242) is frozen again.
  • Virginia 120 Arlington, VA - Alcova Heights
    Some sort of work is going on out on Glebe Road and has been since at least 5:00. The surrounding apartments have no water. No warning was given to residents. Nothing available about it on the Arlington website, twitter, or in the Post. Would like to use the restroom.
  • 2900 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington Heights
    the Arlington Drafthouse sign is broken.
  • Intersection Of 50 And Glebe Washington D.C., DC - Arlington Heights
    Westbound 50 has typical back ups but over the past few weeks there have been unusual back ups starting near glebe that flow through the series of 3 streetlights that follow. It appears to be a street light timing issue as the road ahead clears to its usual flow after the third light but it is stopped up prior to. It seems as though the light duration or sequencing changed. There really seems to be no other explanation for the rather unusual back ups and they are consistent daily at this point.