St. Vincent Hill Neighborhood

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  • Vallejo CA - Vallejo
    Trailer on Pennsylvania between Sutter and Napa - suspect prostitution activity since September 4
  • 200 Butte St. Vallejo, CA - Vallejo
    Camper parked @ bottom of Butte St stairs @ Florida long term.
  • Drug Activity Archived
    300 Kentucky St Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Unlicensed trailer reappears on Kentucky St for 8th time. Drugged out people stagger around, consorting with other squatters in other trailer, junk cars and pick - up, none of which is registered. We are 6 months into a current siege of our neighborhood.
  • 245 Louisiana Street Vallejo California - Vallejo

    Two-tiered retaining wall of corner property stands 10-12 feet above Louisiana Street. This was rebuilt a few years ago after the entire lot slipped and blocked westbound Louisiana Street. Now there are cracks and fallen cinder blocks along the entire wall. It appears ready to fall again.

    Worse, the nearby center divider of Louisiana Street has blacktop rumpled like a carpet against it, and blocks of the underlying concrete pushed up vertically against the barrier. Could be this time the slip will block both sides of Louisiana Street -- and maybe more.

  • 336 Florida Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    I know I've seen it on SeeClickFix before, and I know it's on the corner of Florida and Santa Clara, but I searched for "Florida" and for "Santa Clara", and I can't find it here. I also know that almost nothing has happened to clean up this property -- I say almost because a couple weeks ago a pickup truck, with no license plates came by, parked on the lawn, and loaded up some of the bricks. Sure would like to see a little more improvement
  • 317-399 Trinity Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    There are three trash piles on lots surrounding the corner of Ohio St. and Trinity St. They are located:

    (1) on south side of Ohio St. between Trinity St. and Mare Island Way;

    (2) on west side of Trinity St. between Ohio St. and National Al.;

    (3) on west side of Trinity St. between Ohio St. and Overland Al.

    The first of these has been present for months. The second appeared a couple of weeks ago, and the third appeared last week. So this is a growing problem, and the location may have become an attractive site for illegal dumping. It looks like Public Works is addressing the parts of the dumping that infringe on the public property. I'd be grateful if the Code Enforcement Division would address the parts on the private lots. Thank you!

  • 1200-1248 Sacramento St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    At City Park there are people permanently camped out. Liquor bottles everywhere. All right next to the play ground.
  • 2415 Sonoma Blvd Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Has a bed and chair and broken down bike in front of our business
  • Park Archived
    1200-1248 Sacramento St Vallejo, CA 94590, USA - Vallejo
    City Park is a mess. The play structure is full of garbage and refuse from squatters using it at night. Food litter/waste, remnants of a dead bird, clothes hanging to dry on the covered spaces. This park has one of the best play structures in the city and has been left to homeless and vagrants to turn into a dump at night. The city needs to have a better plan in place to keep this place clean for our kids...I have to walk through every time I come to clean garbage, remnants of drug use, dirty clothing, etc...just to make it safe for my kids to play.
  • 16 Kentucky Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Starting July 2016 Brian Sizemore leased this property and it continues to decline and bring down property values in the area. There are large outside dump piles all over that lot.
  • Branciforte Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Remember when garbage collection was manual? Along with two or three crew members, each truck had a couple of shovels and brooms hanging on the back. Any trash spilled on the street, after collection, was carefully swept up and dumped into the truck.

    Now instead of a single garbage collection, we get three separate pickups of trash, recycling, and yard waste. Each truck is automated, with a single operator. The economics of this seems byzantine, but I'm sure it works out. However, one thing that doesn't is spillage!

    Every week, each of the three automatic collections results in inevitable spills onto the street: between bin and truck, or from the truck as it goes on down the street. And, without extra crew members, brooms, or shovels, spills are left on the street for the homeowners to sweep and put back in the bin, for collection, next week.

    Of course, we could leave spills for the regular street sweeper to pick up. Unfortunately in most neighborhoods, street sweeping is neither regular, nor routine and, unlike garbage collection, occurs on days when the street is lined with parked cars.

    Just a reminder that progress and improvement are not always synonymous.

  • 400 Florida Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    I've passed this truck tire, leaning against the fence at the intersection of Santa Clara and Florida Street, on my way to the Farmers Market, every weekend for months. I've often wondered why a smart City employee, going to work at City Hall, a couple blocks away on Santa Clara, or a keen-eyed Code Enforcement Officer on the way to their headquarters, a couple blocks away on Florida, didn't call in, and have it collected. But I guess they all adhere to the classic civil service doctrine of: "If nobody's complaining, the it's better to turn a blind eye."

    O.K., so I'll report it: There is a large truck tire resting against a fence at the intersection of Santa Clara and Florida Streets. Please can someone come and haul it away. Thanks