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Georgia Dept. of Transportation


  • 1400 Crest Lake Court Lithonia, GA - DeKalb County
    Regal Heights and Hill Creek Cove this street consists of massive pot holes of which Mr. Samler did contact DOT of DeKalb County but they keep coming out and patching; the entire street needs to be repaved, it is ridiculous how many tires are being blown or there could be a major accident with everyone attempting to dodge these huge potholes. Thank you
  • Road Signs Archived
    I-75 N Mcdonough, GA, 30253, USA - Henry County

    Inaccurate sign on entrance ramp to I-75 N (from Jodeco Rd)

    The sign "right lane ends" is not accurate and should be changed to "Left Lane Ends." The far-right entrance lane continues when entering from Jodeco Rd (westbound). Actually, the left lane ends after vehicles enter the on-ramp from the left (turn) lane after traveling eastbound on Jodeco Rd, and the painted markings on the lanes so indicate - requiring traffic from the left lane to merge right.

    Similar to other entrance ways that desire to keep traffic moving, I also recommend adding a sign stating "Keep Moving" (or similar acceptable signage) near the on-ramp entrance for vehicles that enter the on-ramp and occupy the right-most lane.

    I originally submitted this action to GDOT (via their website) on 2/21/2018; no action has been taken to date to remedy the issue. GDOT responded on 2/21/2018 indicating it was a "Valid complaint" and "Your inquiry will be sent to your specific Georgia DOT district department (District 3) that covers your area. A district representative will contact you in to the matter in efforts to resolve the issue."

    I submitted a subsequent inquiry to the GDOT Customer Service email address on 7/8/2018 resulting in no response.

    I am now submitting this request to you in hopes a more local (Henry County) activity which has a vested interested in the safety of its citizens can obtain results.

    Thanks much!

  • 375 Angier Place Northeast Atlanta, GA - 330 McGill Place
    Lights have been periodically going out due to trip breaker on the northside of building 13. Replace all three active breakers (new ones in bag at pool cabana). Be sure to reset clocks to correct time (On-5pm Off-8am). The main breaker is on the meter marked with a blue circle dot sticker. If you can tell where the photocell circuit goes, let the board know.
  • Centre Pkwy & N Commerce Dr Atlanta, GA, 30344, USA - East Point
    At this location I have had 2 accident near misses because the driver on the side street (Centre Parkway) ran into the mainline (N Commerce) and did not see the words “STOP” that was painted on the pavement. Both incidents happened at night. The first time it happened, I thought maybe the stop sign was down and I circled back only to realize the City of East Point does not have a traditional stop sign at this intersection. This is a sub-standard design and it’s shameful that the City of East would not spend the few hundred dollars for a traditional stop sign. This is an issue for two reasons: 1). It is driver expectation to see a stop sign above grade at intersections & 2). There is also a sight distance issue when making a right or left turn unto N. Commerce. You have to roll past the stop bar to see the traffic that is heading south on N. Commerce. The 2nd incident was the same with a car on the side street not seeing the stop words on the pavement & traveling into the mainline almost causing a collision. As you know, angle crashes lead to more serious crashes than rear ends. This is a death trap especially as the traffic is increasing and there is a high percentage of trucks. You have been notified. Next step is to contact an attorney when someone gets into an accident at this location. As you probably can tell, I work in transportation (for GDOT). This would never be allowed on a State or US Route. The City of East Point should be more safety conscious!
  • 100 Old Doss Drive Canton, Georgia - Canton

    I realize this is probably the DOT's problem and not yours, but I'm thinking that only YOU will be able to make them (or Racetrac, perhaps?) do it: people who are not familiar with the area, who are on 20 going east and heading for the new Racetrac, think that the turn lane for Old Doss is the turn lane for the gas station. They are getting into that lane and then screwing up traffic when they try to return into the flow to proceed further to the Racetrac.

    There needs to be SOME kind of signage, somewhere, telling them that this is NOT the entry for the Racetrac.

    (Opinion: really horrible lack of traffic engineering in this area. I know you have gotten complaints, but it seems to be made worse anytime something new is added to the mix.)

  • 7234 Nowell Road South Macon, GA - Macon-Bibb County
    AT the DOT sit illegal dumping of mattress and a loveseat.
  • 6015 Lynmark Way Fairburn, GA - South Fulton
    On Dotson Road between High Point Road and Koweta Road there is trash all over the side of the road. There is a Christmas tree and collective litter that needs to be picked up. He did speak to Sandra Johnson a couple of weeks ago and it still has not been picked up. He spoke to a guy before that and he said he would put it on the list.
  • Glenridge Dr Ne Sandy Springs 30342, United States - Sandy Springs
    Right lane on Glenridge southbound is right turn only onto I - 285 now because of construction under bridge, signage and street marking by GADOT is insufficient. People continue going straight from right lane. Additional signage and street marking or barrels need to be adding during construction to make sure people are aware.
  • Holcomb Bridge Road Roswell, GA 30076, United States of America - Roswell
    West bound Holcomb Bridge road from eves road to 400 is horrible! Potholes and poor road conditions all over right hand lane. If it's not Roswell's own responsibility to fix the main roads, then put pressure on GDOT to fix it
  • 1860 Jonesboro Rd Mcdonough, GA, 30253, USA - Henry County
    GDOT - You need to resurface/restripe Jonesboro Rd. West of I-75 immediately! If I hear this is a county road one more time. IT IS NOT! It's a temporary STATE ROUTE. PLEASE MAINTAIN THIS ROAD! We cannot even see the lines barely anymore!
  • Winters Chapel Road Doraville, GA - DeKalb County
    ordinance for all trucks 7pm to 7am not being enforced and trucks should not be going through residential area anyway,dot to enforce ordinance? Doraville? Dekalb? Gas tank farm causing most of the ordinance violations
  • 1186 Mansell Road-From Westside Parkway To E Crossville Rd Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Please restripe Mansell Rd (including reflective dots) from Westside Parkway to E Crossville Rd. It is impossible to see the lanes at night. There is no way to determine if you are in the correct lane other than when you are at a traffic light (and can guess where you should be). Horribly dangerous! I talked to someone tonight who had a collision recently due to this problem.